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Symantec is a company that specializes in antivirus protection for its customers. It is fair to say that they operate on a global scale due to the fact that their customers and employees are located around the world and the threat of destructive viruses is internet wide. The management of an operation like Symantec takes special consideration due to the scope and scale of the product that they offer. Consequently, the management has to be very versatile in its management style.
When considering the impacts of diversity that the external environment creates for this company, it is important to consider all aspects of the external components and how the company overcomes these challenges. Symantec operates worldwide and it has to manage employees from many different cultures, lifestyles and beliefs. The management team must work around the various sociocultural factors to complete the tasks that are crucial to a fast response since virus threats continually evolve. If it wasn’t for the communication skills of the managers, this company would lose the productivity that is necessary to keep them competitive in the ever changing environment of virus protection. A lack of effective communication resulted in conflicts, low employee morale, missed opportunities, reduced productivity, and lack of trust (Imachukwu, O. T. 2014). Understanding how the cultural differences impact the work relations of the employees is a precarious component in keeping the work force happy and on track. Remember, employees are hard for them to find that have the required skills, and retaining them is important to remaining competitive. In fact, I would say that it is one of the most important considerations of the managers when they are making decisions that affect the workload and company culture. Employees who are happy with their work situations will be more productive in the workplace. The effectiveness of the managers’ work at this company should be considered when discussing the external forces that this company faces.
The managers are in a constant state of assessing the environmental uncertainty that Symantec has to operate in. Therefore, it is important that they are able to identify the uncertainty and plan to overcome any obstacles that may cause disruption to the normal business operations. It is safe to say that the uncertainty could best be described as dynamic and complex. Consequently, their reaction has to be dynamic and complex as well as timely to meet the expectations of the stakeholders. To fully understand the dynamic and complex environment it is imperative to consider all of the current operations to help fully manage the relationships with the stakeholders. Stakeholders are constituents of Symantec including their customers, competitors and even the suppliers. The stakeholders all have an interest in efficient operations of the company. The management decisions of Symantec affect all the relationships that Symantec needs to operate as...

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