Symbolism: Revealing The Hidden Truths Essay

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What is symbolism? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary symbolism: is the use of symbols to express or represent ideas or qualities in literature, art. What is the writer or artistes trying to intemperate in their work? William Falkner and Edgar Allan Poe were literary geniuses in their use of dark and subdued writing styles, but in my opinion no one takes the time to look in depth into the real meanings of there works . This paper will elaborate on the use of symbolism in “A Rose for Emily” by William Falkner and The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.
In the story “A Rose for Emily” the elderly Emily Grierson is the subject of mystery throughout her town. She is described as a reclusive individual only having the company of her faithful butler for company. The House she lived in is depicted as a “big, squash, frame house that had once been white and decorated with cupolas and spires”( Kirszner, Mandell 220). The house symbolize the once elegance and grandeur of Miss Emily appearance that has now morphed into a “bloated body” with a “pallid hue” that resembles the big, squarish frame of her one time grand home (Klippel 175). In my opinion Faulkner's message was to show that despite the brilliance of Miss Emily's status and countenances her beauty eventually faded in the annual of time. The title of the story inflects and undertone of mystery to the story. Why would Falkner choose the word “Rose” in his title. “The “Rose” is interpreted as secrecy: the confidential relationship between the author and his character”(Melczarek 240). On a personal anecdote I see the rose as fading beauty. A rose is seen for its deep crimson petals which symbolizes the splendour and vitality of Miss Emily's youth; however, as rose petals whether and die, so did Miss Emily's youth slowly wasted away.
In the story the story “The Tell-Tale Heart” a mentally disturbed butler confuses to the killing of his employer all for the sake of his “Evil Eye”. The “eye” is described as the resemblance of a vulture is described as the “resemblance of a vulture – a pale eye, with a film over it”(Kirsznert, Mandell 619). Edgar Allan Poe narrator in the Tell Tale Heart the old man's eye based on his own (the narrator's) affections and not the truth...... misjudgement the narrator can only be mirrored by the blindness of himself, signifying a lack of insight (Ki 25). In short, the narrator hates the flaw that the old man posses and dose not take into account his own insanity. The police officers who visited the house were...

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