Taiwan In Support Of Its Freedom.

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In this essay I hope to defend, if defending were necessary outside the dangerously brainwashed Chinese communist regime's indoctrination, the right of Taiwan to exist without having its inhabitants slaughtered by a bully that claims to love its people so much it is willing to annihilate them until they return to their suffocating embrace. The fascist Chinese regime has been threatening Taiwan for eons. Some may take the liberty of reading into these hateful threats as nothing more than reminders to the Taiwanese not to even dream about independence.I believe that for the purpose of this essay, we must consider today's China, which is more interested in getting richer and more powerful. This is not to claim that it will tolerate any moves by Taiwan to "break away". The PRC may indeed be worried that Taiwan may just do that during the Olympic Games, thinking the Mainland won't react when under the focus of all the world's attention. Hence, it is conducting a series of brutally harsh reminders to little Taiwan for the specific reason of deterring the Island's leaders from such ideas as freedom, democracy or peace on earth.If the Taiwanese President Chen thinks he can get away with it, and rub the Chinese stooges' 'faces' in the process, that will be a sorry day for everyone, mainlanders, islanders and the countries of the region. Chen may find that there'll be no one by Taiwan side when the crunch happens. Yes, there will no doubt be the obligatory wringing of hands and the gnashing of teeth but having said that, after a nasty and not too extended period; it should be business as...

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