Tasers Can Stop The Heart And Kill

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Outlaw Tasers
Some may say tasers are good and that they are lifesaving, but the shock that comes from the taser can be extremely painful and life threatening. If the taser does not take a life, it can ultimately impact and alter the taser victim’s life. Furthermore, like most products the taser is not always one hundred percent effective or reliable. Due to how dangerous the taser is, with intention or not, and the many outcomes by its use, they should be banned.
Though it is suggested the taser would be a safer solution to apprehend an attacking person rather than firing a gun at them instead, there is a defect that prevents it from doing so. For the TASER device to be effective, both electrode barbs must hit the target for the device to be effective which means that if one barb hits the target while the other misses, the person hoping for protection may be in trouble. This is because the necessary circuit is incomplete so the current, which has to be able to circulate between the two barbs, won’t be delivered having no effect. Also malfunctions can occur if the Taser, “… has been damaged in a fight, the battery has no charge, or if the probes of the Taser cartridge have not penetrated the individual’s skin/clothing to complete the circuit that is necessary for the Taser to work” (Knight) which renders the device ineffective.
Other times both electrode barbs have made the essential contact, but the target may have thick clothing on, a few layers of clothing or maybe a winter coat, which does not allow the barbs to reach the skin. Another situation where the probes will be ineffective is if the target is under the influence of a stimulant drugs, for example PCP or methamphetamine. In the end, many factors can play a role into the taser’s effectiveness and inadequacy.
Although tasers have a good range of approximately fifteen to twenty feet, the taser is not one hundred percent accurate. This, “…disadvantage is that …[there is] only…one shot – [he or she] ha[s] to wind up and re-pack the electrode wires, as well as load a new gas cartridge, each time [he or she] fire[s]”(37). Also when firing, the probes have to be at a vertical position aiming at a standing target. If the electrode barbs were to fail to apprehend the target, the one using the taser would be put at risk since they would have to put the taser back together properly and make sure the probe cartridge is place accurately for another chance to fire. It may seem easy to put the taser back properly, but there are precautions one would have to take to be safe from harm to themselves.
To avoid being tased, there are safety measures one should take such as when loading and unloading the taser’s cartridges. One must hold the taser on the device’s either side or top. These precautions while:
1. Verify that the safety switch is in the down (SAFE) position.
2. Point the device in a safe direction.
3. Place the cartridge into the front of the weapon until an audible click is heard....

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