Technology And Social Consequences Essay

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As much as I regret to admit it I’m attached to my phone. I’m constantly reaching into my pocket to check the time, make sure I haven’t gotten a new update, or to send a message. I do this even when I’m not talking to anyone! It’s become an addiction, having to make sure I’m not missing anything, and I'm not the only one who has this problem. Seventy-five percent of the world population has a cell phone, and that number will only increase. With the creation of new technology portions of life have become easier. Technology has changed the way we go through life. It’s made talking to people easier, as well as keeping up with the lives of others. However, the effects have affected the aspects ...view middle of the document...

You’re expected to keep it short and sweet, because most people just want to hear the point and move on. This is noticeable when you talk to people of different ages. The people who have grown up using technology keep their conversations quick and easy.
There’s no more explaining how your day was; you simply state an adjective to describe it and people accept that. We have become accustomed to reading about other people’s thoughts in a hundred and forty characters or less. Carr mentions that reading short snippets on the internet have affected him in other ways, “When I mention my troubles with reading to friends and acquaintances-literary types, most of them-many say they’re having similar experiences. The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing.” (Carr 14) People don’t want to read the story of your day, but it’s nice to know you had a good one. Technology has caused our attention span to shorten in all sides of our lives.
Matt Richtel, another journalist agrees that focusing has become harder with the increase in the use of technology. He suggests the reason is because of how we obtain the information. “Scientists say juggling email, phone calls and other incoming information can change how people think and behave. They say out ability to focus is being undermined by bursts of information. These play to a primitive impulse to respond to immediate opportunities and threats. The simulation provokes excitement-a dopamine squirt-that researchers say can be addictive. In its absence, people feel bored.” (Richtel 35) In the real world there is not notifications to tell you something is going on like there are on your phone. Without the constant notifications our devices give us have we started to become more forgetful on our own? Richel writes about a man named Campbell and how technology has affected his life. “Mr. Campbell continues to struggle with the effects of the deluge of data. Even after he unplugs, he craves the simulation he gets from his electronic gadgets. He forgets things like dinner plans, and he has trouble focusing on his family. (Richtel 35) Without our phones we get bored and our brains have trouble focusing on long strings of information. Campbell became used to spending up to a few minutes checking emails, and his other notifications. When the time came to spend time with his family he couldn’t focus. The time he had to spend paying attention to one thing was just too long. He was unable to really connect with his family.
Not only are we unable to focus on the social aspects of our lives, but there’s belief that technology has caused a decrease in our social lives. A survey given to high school students asked questions about how they feel talking to others in person, online, and through their phones. In the findings it was discovered that, “females are feeling more uncomfortable talking with others face-to-face than males. And, females also prefer talking with some on...

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