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Preliminary draft of Q1:

The Internet has opened up a range of new marketing opportunities for the commerce world. A wide range of advertisement options are available:

Banner ads
Text ads
Targeted ads

The last is of particular interest because it can provide advertisements targeted at the location of the user (country, town etc). Take this example:

Your business has a small advertising budget and you want to do some Internet advertising. Every click your ad gets, that costs you money. Say you only operate in Masterton, do you want people from Auckland or USA to see your ads and click on them, hence costing you money?

Internet advertising is much cheaper than TV marketing. The bid for a 30 second advertising slot in the Superbowl went for a record 2.4 million dollars. Most Internet Advertising agents do not charge you for the amount of times your ad is viewed, but by the amount of people who click on it, this makes it much cheaper than TV advertising.

Google Adsense program uses an advanced computer program to analyze the content of the page and deliver ads relevant to the page content. For example:

Your looking at a page reviewing books, the targeted ads will show bookstores in your area.

Preliminary draft of Q2:

Since the advent of modern technology, product distribution has come along in leaps and bound. Now, huge “Hub & Spoke & Spoke” networks are a viable option. A hub and...

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