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As I get older and older technology gets more and more advanced and I’m pressured to buy the latest and greatest Smartphone, tablet, or computer. Everywhere I look you can see someone on his or her smartphone. They range from little kids with their first phone to elderly people that don’t know how to use it they just have it. Technology can be very helpful with all the apps and work I can do on the go. But like all good things they have a bad side including social media and making people lazy.
As I walk down the street I look around and I see people in coffee shops, waiting for the bus, sitting on benches or just walking most of them have some type of modern technology in their hand. Weather it be a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, they all have the something in common, they’re oblivious to the world around them. Its become so normal to have a smartphone that even my grandparents have them, they don’t even use any of the many features, they use it to call and every once in a while they’ll send a text message that took them five minutes to write. Young kids that when I was their age I didn’t even know what a cellphone was, have the latest and greatest technology that their parents bought them, because they took the trash out. I understand that technology is more advanced today but a six year old does not needs an iPhone 5s.
Don’t get me wrong I love new technology just as much as anyone, without it, I would have to write this paper by hand. Not to many years ago if we wanted to write a paper we would have to either go to the local library or have a desktop computer at home. Now we can go into the middle of the woods with our laptop and our cell phones and you can write a paper for as long as your battery lasts witch isn’t too long. A few years ago if you wanted to listen to music you would need a CD player but now you can store thousands of songs on your phone, that’s not the only thing smartphones have replaced they have replaced many things like cameras, calculators, iPods, note pads, calendars,...

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