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Since its inception, the telephone has become one of the most important inventions of all time. Although some were skeptical about its replacement over telegrams, in the end the advent of this fine communication equipment has won the hearts of many. As a matter of fact, the telephone system had come to numerous facelifts that it literally connected the world before the internet was born. Because of its importance, homes and businesses can not live without it. In the U.S. alone, most if not all have a phone in the house.
In its primitive days, the telephone was all but cumbersome. It means when someone was to make a call, the caller had to go through an operator to connect the caller to another party. The telephone was also better at receiving than transmitting. The microphone was not sensitive enough. There were also switchboards in which an operator had to manually remove one socket to connect to another. As the demand of telephone use grew, the need to replace the switchboard system had to be done.
When the telephone progressed, so was the subscription of service. From the time of its invention to 1880, there were 50000 subscribers of the telephone. However, it took nearly a hundred years for the system to improve dramatically. The operators were eliminated because the users could now make their own connection without calling the operators first.
The more the telephones improve, the more the people wanted more from it. In the twentieth century, the telephone is the main medium to reach just about anyone. It is also the favored medium of communication in the business world. Nowadays, the telephone system can be configured to suit a business’ needs.
At my job for example, the telephone has multiple...

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