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Sandra Day O’Connor was born on a ranch near Duncan, Arizona on March 26, 1930. She was born to Ada Mae Day (Wilke), and Harry Day. She had one brother Alan, and a sister Ann, she unfortunately did not get to spend much time with them due to her schooling. Her being gone for school however did pay off. She had become known as the woman of the first of many things, such as the majority leader of Arizona, and Supreme Court Justice. She had many accomplishments in her life and was very successful, and good at what she had completed.
Her father taught her the importance of farming and her mother taught her the importance of education. In 1935 she moved to El Paso to live with grandparents while she went to school, this was due to the school lacking in education where she lived. During her schooling she had skipped two grades, so when she started applying for her only school of choice Stanford she was only sixteen. Her academic success and personal interview was what got her into the college. She received an undergraduate and a law degree from Stanford University. Sandra graduated third in her class. She married John Jay O’Connor III in 1952 after graduation, she had met John at Stanford while doing a job editing for the Review.
At first Sandra was not very successful finding a job with a law degree due to her being a woman. She thought she had her break when a law firm in Los Angeles offered her a job at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. However the job was not to be a lawyer it was only for a secretary position, so Sandra declined and kept searching. She soon found a job and became a deputy district attorney in San Mateo County in California. She loved the work she was doing and the wide range of duties she performed.
Even so, in 1954 Sandra and her husband John moved to Germany for 3 years. John was appointed an officer in the military and sent there, so she went with. She did serve as a civil
attorney for the army though. When she returned to the United States her and John bought some property in Arizona. She then gave birth to her first child Scott Hampton O’Connor. Sandra began working for a small law firm in Maryvale not long after Scott was born. In January 1960 she had her second son Brian, and two years later Jay. She quit doing law for three years then to raise her family.
Then, in 1965 Sandra went back to work and became an assistant attorney general for the state of Arizona. She served that position for four years. In 1969 she got elected Republican to the Arizona state Senate. She then became majority leader in 1972, the first woman in the United States to have such a title. In 1974 she decided to give up politics and go back to law. She took a position of trial judge on the Maricopa County Superior Court. In 1978 she was nominated for Arizona Court of Appeal, she gained this position which she held for eighteen months.
In June of 1981 Attorney General William French Smith called and gave Sandra the news of her being nominated for Supreme...

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