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Even though there is such an amazing amount of things to be thankful for, many people will lead their lives not taking the time to consider how lucky they are. Usually, people who are in a remarkably favorable state will tend to overlook all of the marvelous things they should be thankful for; however, this should not be the case. Sometimes, one should take the time to carefully reflect upon their exceedingly fortuitous position in life. It is not difficult to find things to be thankful for; for example, a person’s parents would have likely played an important role in that person’s life and deserve to be thanked. There are other major things to be thankful for, such as education, friends, ...view middle of the document...

Having a proper education is imperative for someone to gain success in their lives; having no education majorly destroys the chances of leading a prosperous life. Yet, while education is very necessary, many people are cannot gain an education due to various reasons preventing them from going to a school. In certain places of the world, children are not literate, damaging their ability to prosper as intelligent adults. However, if one is able to attend a school that supplies education to children, then that person is given an opportunity that millions around the world do not have. This opportunity is to achieve greatness and lead a prosperous life in the future. I am extraordinarily thankful for being able to participate in such a wonderful school, where I learn from amazing, kind, and intelligent teachers who give me the opportunity to succeed in life.
Friends and family are indispensable in life; they are always there for you and they will help you under any situation. When a person is deprived from these two crucial things, life becomes a challenge, rather than flowing like gentle stream. Friends are always there to pick each other up whenever one falls down and family members will always be supportive and caring. I am extensively...

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