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During the year of 1692, the small town of Salem seems to have been in a state of panic and confusion. The book Witchcraft at Salem, by Chadwick Hansen, is about the witchcraft conspiracies the town has experienced. Hansen goes on to explore the truthfulness of the "possessed" young girls. The reason why Hansen wrote the book is to try to set straight the record of the witchcraft phenomena at Salem, Massachusetts, in the year 1692, about which much has been written and much misunderstood. Hansen has a very respectable education. He graduated and obtained a Bachelors degree from the much respected Yale University. He went on to continue his education and obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Hansen has had many teaching jobs throughout his life. From 1955-60 Hansen was an assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University. From 1965-70 he was a Professor of English and American studies at the University of Minnesota. His most accomplished teaching job was when he was a professor and Director of American Civilization at the University of Iowa. To help with his teaching he was in many history groups. He was a member of the Modern Language Association, American Studies Association, and American Historical Association. Hansen has written numerous books including, The American Renaissance: The History and Literature of an Era, and Modern Fiction: Form and Idea in the Contemporary Novel and Short Story. Hansen has many qualifications to write a historical piece during the American Revolution time period.
     In the summer of 1692, many strange and out of the ordinary events were taking place in Salem. Several young girls and young women began to have strange fits. They were eventually examined by doctors. "Dr. William Griggs examined Elizabeth Paris and Abigail Williams and came to the conclusion that the evil hand is upon them." With this analysis he was informing the patients that they were the victims of witchcraft. Before the girls were examined many members of the Salem community came to the conclusion that witchcraft was the reason the girls were having the strange fits. Following this was a series of hearings and trials, which resulted in the death of 20 people. This was not an uncommon practice used during that time. “Approximately nine hundred witches were burned in the single city of Bamberg, and approximately five thousand in the single province of Alsace.” Using contemporary accounts and the trial documents, Hansen relates the usual details of the rise and fall of the terrible dealings that took place that year in Salem Village. He shows how early in the year two young girls, the daughter and niece of Samuel Parris, the local minister, inexplicably fell ill and began experiencing terrible fits and suffering visions of nocurnal visitations by what the girls claimed were local witches. Hansen takes the view that several of the accused, notably Tituba, Bridget Bishop, and the Rev....

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888 words - 4 pages because he didn't confess. In New England there were 16 people hung before 1962. Still in 1963 one year later there were still many people in prison waiting for their trial. They believe that the witchcraft had came from New England. The Salem Witch Trials are a series of hearings and prosecutions of people being accused of witchcraft. Many of the people that were accused of witchcraft was in Colonial Massachusetts in February of 1692. There had been

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864 words - 4 pages the weight of rocks piled on him. Those who stood trial and were found guilty, which was almost every person accused, was hanged at Gallows Hill. Most claimed their innocence until their last dying breath. Luckily, by the fall of 1962, the hysteria began to lessen. Many of the educated elite in Salem began to question the idea that so many people who had previously been respected members of the community could have so suddenly turned to the

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2054 words - 8 pages Since there never was a spurned lover stirring things up in Salem Village, and there is no evidence from the time that Tituba practiced Caribbean black magic, yet these trials and executions actually still took place, how can you explain why they occurred?The Salem Witchcraft Trials began not as an act of revenge against an ex-lover, as they did in The Crucible, but as series of seemingly unlinked, complex events, which a paranoid and scared

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1615 words - 6 pages . Not only was I turning 16, but it was a chance for my father to choose a suitable husband for me. Mother and I arrived at the market place in our carriage. My father was clear, anything I wanted I can have. I wouldn’t say we were the filthy rich, but we did have money. My father was a well-known doctor in Salem, Massachusetts. A man trying to request my hand in marriage was intimidating for them. Our family had the utmost respect in Salem

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