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American Crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) are a species of bird found in the family Corvidae, a family that also includes magpies, nutcrackers, and jays (Eastman, 1997). According Eastman’s book Birds of Forest, Yard, and Thicket, there are around forty-two Corvus species, and most of them live in the Northern Hemisphere (1997). American Crows in the United States usually do not migrate, but they do migrate in Canada. Not all American Crows migrate, but they are social birds who form wintertime flocks that sometimes reach over 200,000 birds (Burton et al., 2010).
American Crows have a number of features that make them identifiable, and to help keep them from being confused with another member ...view middle of the document...

Interestingly, American Crows actually have a family life after they leave the nest. The Audubon North American Birdfeeder Guide states that, “Crow families maintain a large nesting territory shared by the adult pair with some of their offspring from the past several years” (Burton et al., 2010). In more northern areas the crows are only able to raise one clutch of eggs, but the ones in lower ranges can have two (Burton et al., 2010). American Crows start breeding at around two years old, and younger “yearling” crows look are tinted brown and have a more square shaped tale. As the crows grow up, they lose the brownish tint and their tales take on a fan shape. American Crows do not have the striking differences in the appearance of genders that some birds have, but the males generally grow taller than the females (Eastman, 1997).
C. brachyrhynchos is a species that is definitely not restricted to a small habitat area. These crows need exposed areas to find food, and they like to nest and roost in tall trees (Eastman, 1997). The American Crow has a varied diet that includes small animals, eggs, fruits, human food crops, and carrion (Eastman, 1997). The American Crows is also a species that has learned to take advantage of human urban development. Eastman says, “During the past century, however, may crow populations have become urbanized, scavenging from trash bins, loading docks, and shopping malls” (1997). They have also found ways to make highways a useful tool in searching for food, since they are not afraid to take advantage of...

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