The American Patriot: Based On "Patriots" By A.J. Languth.

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Since the birth of our nation, when the Declaration of Independence was signed, there have been patriots. Men who stand up for what they know is right. They put their life on the line for others all in the name of their country. These men are heroes and have many outstanding characteristics. Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock are not only fathers to our nation, but they are also some of America's greatest patriots. These men stood up against the strongest nation, put their friends, families and lives at risk for the one thing they loved--their country.The Declaration of Independence is one of the United States' most prized documents. It is the original piece of writing demanding the freedom of the American colonies from Britain. Thomas Jefferson, a Virginian lawyer, was the original scribe of the emancipating manuscript. Fed up with the and tariffs the British had been so rapidly placing upon nearly every product, and the endless intervention into the American affairs, Thomas Jefferson stood up to become a patriot and act out against the tyranny. This intelligent man believed every man was entitled to life liberty and happiness, and therefore, Jefferson compiled all the ideas of the colonies into the article that would ultimately put a price on his head. His efforts would soon be backed by countless others fighting together for the same anti-tyrannical reasons.Although Patrick Henry remained without an education until his was in his early teens, he was taught by his father as well as his clergyman uncle, Reverend Patrick Henry. With a newfound interest in education and justice, Henry became very enthusiastic about books and even more so about debates. In court one day, Henry spoke out for the first time. It was against...

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805 words - 3 pages . Theyshowed them reloading in under 5 seconds, it took 15 seconds if not more to reload. Theyhad to put the gunpowder in, put the tiny ball in, pack it down, all this would take morethen 5 seconds(Countryman 2002, 67). It also showed them making multiple shots out ofthe same gun without reloading. This was not possible because, during that time the gunsweren't spring loaded they were based on gun power, and a tiny ball.The Patriot Vs. The American

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749 words - 3 pages Patriot Act) was passed in October 2001. On the surface, the Patriot Act appears to address issues associated with maintaining the safety and security of the United States. There are, however, provisions of this law that affect every American in ways that would not have been imaginable prior to September 11, 2001. Thankfully, there are groups of individuals who have dedicated themselves to challenging these provisions and protecting the right

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975 words - 4 pages . The British also made new tax policies. The colonists were taxed on everything from tea to paper. The colonists had previously been taxed indirectly, but the sudden addition of direct taxes angered the colonists. These incidents enraged the colonists to such a degree, that at least a third of the colonists, known as Patriots, wanted to rebel from British rule. Others, known as Loyalists, believed that the colonists should remain loyal to the king

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971 words - 4 pages The Patriot is one of the only movies whose plot is based around the American Revolution, set in the colonial time period. With themes such as segregation, freedom, hate, family values, and war, the movie keeps the viewer totally enthralled the entire time with the different happenings in every scene. The main characters are Benjamin Martin and his son Gabriel. But he has seven other kids on his hands: Elizabeth, Margaret, Nathan, Samuel, Susan

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2041 words - 8 pages Are We There Yet?Independence Shawl: The Unveiling Of A Hidden ParadoxBased on Independence Hall in American Memory (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002) by Charlene MiresIn 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. In 1787, delegates from the new nation drafted the U.S. Constitution. Both of these events took place within the walls of one of the most significant historic structures in the United States. The

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666 words - 3 pages . Rachel is in charge of many chores on the farm and she shows innovative way to be a creative young woman with new ideals. Rachel "shaped a wick out of a scrap of rag, smeared it with butter, placed it in the mud cup, and lit it and, lo and behold, there was light" (Rachel Calof's Story, 31). Rachel gained a higher status within the family by this invention.On the frontier, the winters are extremely vicious; temperatures being below zero, sparce food

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2699 words - 11 pages ), was proposed to congress. The USA PATRIOT ACT which stand for “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism” (USA PATRIOT Act). Was revised on the 24th for only one hour and passed through the house with a yea and nay vote of 357 to 66. On October 25th it passed through the senate without an amendment with a record vote number of 98 to 1. The bill was pushed through the house at

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