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This theory is about an idea of which social interactions over the course of a person’s life shape behavior. The real world example I will be using to describe this theory is the “The Batman Theatre Shooting”. On the day of July 20, 2012, “Dark Knight Rises” a movie was just released to movie theatres around the world. Many people were waiting for the movie to come out but not knowing what was going to be in store for them later on that day. James Eagan Holmes was a student out of University of Colorado-Denver of Medicine. He won a federal grant for full tuition and also 26,000 in living expenses he was majoring for a Ph.D. Neuroscience. His professors tried to tell him to find another career after he flunked a major exam. That put him in a since of depression. As a teen, James Holmes was referred into being more withdrawn and rarely started conversations. His friends and classmates started to check on him less and started to be antisocial. He never wanted to have a conversation with his friends nor did he want one with his parents. But in March 2012, he told his friends and classmates that he admired the “Joker” and said he wanted to be just like him. His friends allegedly just ignored the whole comment all together but soon they will be reminded of the comment. He also sought out internet dating sites hoping he could find someone with his beliefs and compassion. He also wrote something disturbing on his wall; it said “would you come visit me in prison?” basically scaring or removing ones that didn’t have the same interest as he did and hoping ones that did share the same would comment to his page. He just withdrew from the university a month before that day. He had no criminal record, not even a parking ticket. To deal with the stress of leaving school and losing his social life he started to buy guns and explosives this made him superior like the “Joker”. He went as far as in buying a assault rifle and two handguns with more than 6,000 rounds. James Eagan would become a felon and do something so monumentally terrible the president even got involved. The night of July 20, James Eagan Holmes took up arms and dressed up. He wore black gas mask, a police grade helmet, black cargo pants and a black bulletproof vest. He took pictures minutes before he left and even rigged his home of explosives for anyone that would walkthrough his door. He turned up loud music for someone to be tricked into going into his house to trigger the explosives. As James Eagan Holmes arrived at the theatre he noticed that there was an emergency exit. He push the doors wide open into the theatre as he walked in the people thought it was part of the movie so they didn’t think anything of it. But one witness said “that the look on his face was like looking into someone that had not a care in the world”. He then started to throw canisters into the crowd but the audience applauded him, they took it as a joke until the explosives went off and tear gas filled the room. Witnesses...

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