The Benefits Of Eating Lunch In The School Gymnasium

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Over the past year, junior high students at Mckernan School have complained that they are required to eat lunch in the small gymnasium. Most of the junior high population does not agree with this policy. After looking at some of the reasons, it is in the best interest of the school’s staff for the junior high students to eat in a condensed area to lessen the amount of work the janitors and the supervisors have to do, to contain the social interaction, and to ensure the safety of all.

To begin with, designating the gymnasium as a lunch room for junior high students means all the garbage produced during lunch hour would be contained in one area. This would allow the custodians to quickly clean up the wastes, spills and the room for further use. They would not have to trudge around the main floor and the second floor hallways, and stairwells of the school to clean up after the students. Also, it would be easier for the lunch supervisors to set up the chairs, microwaves, and tables and put them away in one specific location. Additionally, eating in the gym would lessen the amount of trash thrown in the corridors. This would improve the appearance of the school and visitors would be presented with a clean environment upon entering the building. Overall, janitors would have an easier job when it comes to cleaning up during lunchtime and the lunch supervisors will be able to set up and put away the tables and chairs faster without the hassle of walking around the hallways.

Furthermore, having lunch in the school gym with all the other junior high students would contain the social activities between teenagers to one location. Teachers would be able to enjoy their lunch break without the distraction of loud voices in the corridors. They could concentrate on their lunch, help those who came for help or socialize with other teachers. In addition, interaction amongst friends will increase as it will be easier to talk to each other when they are in the same area. This allows pupils to know each other better and to respect each other a little more. As well as socializing with people from their own grade and social group, students can easily talk to more people from different grades because of the enclosed environment. This would change people’s perspective on the person they don’t like,...

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