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For thousands of years, humans have been struggling to maintain a utopic society. However, there have been many conflicts of humanity and universal peace. During the genesis of many nations, numerous people fought and sweated blood to achieve their natural human rights. For instance, United States of America, within the 200 years, went through many significant historical events, shaping it into a nation of reserved civil rights for all people. Today, North Korea may be noticeably the most rights-deprived nation in the world. Although its government may not admit, many North Korean people are crying and dying of endless and hopeless poverty and abuse.
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Many refugees described their lives as living in human hell. These refugees escaped from North Korea because many of them were mistreated and were desperate to live a life of freedom. Human dignity means humans have the right to choose the better future. So these refugees sought for their better future. However, even this right is attempted to be prevented by North Korean regime. When some refugees are caught, they are often executed or sold in China as servants or slaves. One of the most famous North Korean refugees may be Shin Dong Hyuk. Mr. Shin showed the world his life of imprisonment and perilous journey out North Korea through the book, Escape from Camp 14. When Shin was child, he was brainwashed to report any illegal actions to the authorities. Innocently, he reported his mother and brother to the soldiers who later executed them for the attempt of escaping.
For the remaining of his teenage life, he was condemned to prison in camp 14 where he was tortured nearly
to death. Along with many other prisoners, he and other young inmates ate food found in grass and cow feces.Moreover, they even ate rats to satisfy their hunger. For the ruthless guards, they don’t realize that human rights play a significant role in a person. Such lack of recognition result in unspeakable dehumanization of the children who are treated them no better than animals. With so much pain, Shin escaped and succeeded to go to America where he met many great political leaders like George W. Bush.
In North Korea, the society has become the point where it does not care how it is treating the people. In human philosophy, human are often hurtful to each other. However, the North Korean government exceeded its limits of human rights. The right to be who human are destined to be belongs to the individuals, not to powerful people. If the destiny of a person is determined by someone else, then there is a flawed humanity. My one hope is to see that change in North Korea.
North Korea, today, may be taking steps towards better standards because the government seems to be opening up to the world slowly. In United States back in the early 1800’s, we also struggled with humanity. But with the help of great historical figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, United States was able to realize its cruelty in...

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