The Child Survivor Of The Holocaust By Ira, Brenner

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Throughout history, the human race has had to go through many horrible things. Famines, diseases, and war have always been present where there are people. However, a great thing about people is that we try to learn from our mistakes. The Holocaust was a horrible time in history and it should not be forgotten. The individuals involved in this experience went through awful things and it is crucial that people learn about this harsh time. In order to prevent a massacre like this from ever happening again, we must continue to teach future generations about the severity of this time. Remembering and memorializing the Holocaust by Holocaust Museums, Holocaust Ceremonies, and Holocaust victims are great ways because each of them support and keep the Holocaust in our thoughts.
Holocaust museums are in numerous places around the world. These museums hold countless artifacts, testimonials, art, and architecture. Each of these items are related to the horrifying details of the Holocaust. A few of the popular museums are the The US Holocaust Memorial Museum, The Ghetto’s Fighter House Institution, and The Yad Vashem.
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum, located in Washington D.C., is a very popular museum for anyone interested in the Holocaust. This specific museum became a permanent memorial in 1980 to all victims in the Holocaust (Lonnae). At the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, 7,000 survivors and their families attended the 10th anniversary tribute in the year of 2003 (Lonnae). The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is an excellent tribute to learning about the Holocaust.
The Ghetto’s Fighter House Institution is located outside of Akko, Israel. This institution includes Jewish artworks, photographs, and writings along with an archive accessible to the public. The Yad Vashem was founded in Jerusalem in 1953 (Sheffer). It is known as the World Centre for Jewish Holocaust remembrance. The Ghetto’s Fighter House and the Yad Vashem both continued expanding into the 21st century (Sheffer).
Holocaust ceremonies occur all around the world and there are days and events that help keep the Holocaust remembered. Yom Hashoah is one of the most celebrated ceremonies. It was originally named Yore Hashoah umered HaGetaOt, meaning Holocaust and heroism commemoration day (Wolowelsky). The reason the named changed was to go beyond memorializing the victims and to show that a Jew is not only a victim but a heroic fighter. Yom Hashoah is celebrated in Israel and the United States. This ceremony really influences the Jews.
The national day of mourning for all Jewish catastrophes is known as the Ninth of Av. The anniversary of the destruction of the temple is what this day was made for. The Ninth of Av is known as the 5th month in the Judaism religion (Young). Some people fast on this day for religious purposes. Both Yom Hashoah and the Ninth of Av cannot be true at the same time. Yom Hashoah is Israel-oriented and the Ninth of Av links the agony...

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