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The contrast was written by Royal Tyler. Royall Tyler (1757–1826) “was born in Boston, studied law at Harvard, and then served in the army before writing The Contrast” ( n.d. Web. 20 Oct. 2013). He was American jurist and playwright who wrote The Contrast in 1787. The setting of the play is in “New York and its upper-class society”. It is an American play inspired by Richard Sheridan’s “The School for Scandal”, he was so inspired by this show that he wrote his own play “The contrast in three weeks”. Both of these stories use differences as its main tool to satirize. These two stories are completed in five acts. What the play does for modern readers is that it keeps entreating us, and gives us an idea about the life in seventeenth century when this play was written. The Contrast is the first comedy written by an American citizen that was performed in public by a company of professional actors. This frolic is truly a difference of the variety which exists from people to people, from the players to the lovers, and the imitators to the genuine. The play has a lot of contrasts representing a bigger concern on the past and traditional background of Europe and America. There is also another contrast in this play which is the contrast between the characterization of male and female characters in the story. The female casts of the story, in contrast to the male casts, are described as subjects of oppression. The gender-based difference shows alignment to the male casts suggesting alignment to the masculine discourse of socio-cultural economy.
As its title suggests, contrast is the detail principle behind the play. The central contrast is one between European fashionable, a result of luxury, and American frankness, a result of moderation and industry. Manly and Maria, the two characters who get married at the end of the play, represent the new American characters, while Dimple, Charlotte, and Laetitia represent the disgraceful corruption of European values.
The characters of the play are Jonathan he is the manly servant. Billy Dimple is villain he manage relationships with Charlotte, Letitia, and Maria at the same time. Jessamy is a dimples waiter. Charlotte Manly is Colonel Manly's sister, and Letitia is Friend of Charlotte. Colonel Manly is sincere, gentleman, and patriot. He is opposite character to Mr. Dimple. Maria Van Rough is daughter of Mr. van rough. Mr Van Dumpling is the father of Mr Dimple.
The play begins with the flirty Charlotte and Letitia talking about the forthcoming marriage, and Maria’s anxiety due to her father’s marriage plans for her. Mr. Van Dumpling and Mr. Van Rough, were both old friends. Before the death of Van Dumpling (the father of Dimple), a marriage between Van Rough’s Daughter Maria, and Dimple was settled. Both Maria and Dimple were satisfied with the match until Dimple went on a trip to Europe after the death of his father and lost his country charm, while Dimple was in Europe, Maria read many sentimental novels and...

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