The Crucible By Arthur Miller And Mc Carthyism

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They want to destroy private enterprise and white supremacy’” (qtd. Williamson-Lott 884). The mistreatment of African Americans in connection with communism did strong nationalists a disfavor when many actual Communists won black followers by advocating “civil and social equality,” which only pushed the prejudiced into believing that if the communism succeeded, so would an end to white supremacy (Williamson-Lott 882-883).
Like the racist public of the South, the whole town of Salem was in uproar over the witch hunt, but it was the individuals charged that had the most to worry about. The entire fiasco started after Reverend Parris found his daughter Betty and several other girls dancing in the forest with the slave, Tituba. The girls lied about practicing witchcraft because what they were doing in the first place was religiously wrong: dancing. When the girls were discussing their misdoing, Mary Warren urged the girls to confess what was really going on because they would “only be whipped for dancing” (Miller 19). Victims of communism fervor were tied up in the situation similarly to the girls because of past political ties and organizations they were a part of.
One such case occurred to Dr. Edward K. Barsky in 1940. He learned he was going to be required to serve a six month prison sentence and that his medical license while working at the Beth Israel Hospital in New York City was to be taken away (Deery, “A Blot Upon Liberty” 167). Dr. Barsky’s license had not been revoked because of carelessness as a surgeon, but because of “a political decision he made in 1945 – that, as chairman of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee, he would not cooperate with the House Un-American Activities Committee” (Deery, “A Blot Upon Liberty” 167). He was not only member of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee that was charged for their support of a Republican Spain. By 1950, in one of the biggest incarceration of political prisoners, all members of the JAFRC’s the executive board was jailed (Deery, “A Blot Upon Liberty” 168). The JAFRC attempted to fight back, like Elizabeth Proctor did when she called out Abigail Williams, saying “The girl is murder!” (Miller 76). When Mrs. Proctor claimed Abigail overstepped her boundaries and told lies, the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee “questioned the constitutionality of HUAC and the scope of its jurisdiction” (Deery, “A Blot Upon Liberty” 177). Dr. Barsky’s comment on the system surrounding McCarthyism was more personal; he said, “When a doctor cannot save lives in America because he is opposed to Franco in Spain, it is time to call a halt and look critically at the neurosis that has possessed us” (qtd. in Deery, “A Blot Upon Liberty” 167-196). Those branded as communists understood their rights had been breached and how justice-less the system really was.
One such woman became extremely familiar with the justice-less system of McCarthyism. Annie Lee Moss was not only under suspicion by Federal Bureau of...

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