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Quote # 1: "Is the accuser always holy now?"John Proctor says this to Reverend John Hail in act II. This is when they have come to Proctors house with a warrant for his wife. Reverend Hail starts to say that if she is innocent then the court will prove it. Proctor cuts him off and says,"If she is innocent! Why do you never wonder if Parris be innocent, or Abigail?" It means that he thinks that they should be looking at the people pointing the finger and see if they are so innocent themselves. They have just assumed that because Abigail is accusing people she must be doing Gods work so therefore she must be pure and good, which was clearly not true.Quote # 2: "Think you be so mighty that the power of Hell may not turn your wits?"Abigail Williams says this to Deputy Governor Danforth in act III. This is when they are in court, just after Mary Warren confesses to pretending to see spirits. Danforth asks Abigail if she was also pretending and she replies defensively and openly threatens him. Her saying this shows that she knows that she is holding the power. No one wants to get on Abigai's bad side because she is the ring master in this circus and she can accuse whoever she likes. She is basically telling Danforth that he better watch what he says to her.Quote # 3:"You=re the Devil's man!"Mary Warren says this to John Proctor in the end of act III. They are in court, Abigail and the girls are acting as if they see Mary Warrens spirt attacking them in the form of a bird. Mary Warren just confessed to pretending to see spirits then suddenly changed her story when it looked like she was going to be accused of witchcraft. Mary Warren is a week person. She was looking out for herself when she accused John Proctor of being the Devil=s man. She saw that Abigail was going to win and decided to switch sides to save herself.Quote # 4: "You cannot hang this sort. There is danger for me."Reverend...

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Tragically Forced to Choose A Novel Study on The Crucible-Arthur Miller Written by Alison Friedt

1271 words - 5 pages witchcraft.According to the Webster's Dictionary, a crucible is "a vessel in which metal is heated to a high temperature and melted for the purposes of casting". It can also be referred to a situation in which a person has to make a decision that can be critical to his morals and principles. There are many interpretations of the word 'crucible.' Closely related to the word "crucifixion", The Crucible is about a man put in a terrible situation, who is forced to

"Literature opens a dark window on the soul, revealing more about what is bad in human nature then what is good."

734 words - 3 pages , "It is the responsibility of the writer to expose our many grievous fault and failures and to hold up to the light our dark and dangerous dreams, for the purpose of improvement." What he means is that it is the author's mission to reveal our severe mistakes so that eventually we will learn not to make that same errors. I agree with both quotes. In Author Miller's tragedy, The Crucible, and J. Ronald Oakley's historical essay, "The Great Fear

Revelation of a Mistaken Love: Aurthur Miller's The Crucible

571 words - 2 pages The Crucible pertains with many common issues during the colonial time such as religion and new beliefs. However, a much personal and relatable issue is John Proctor and Abigail Williams’ assumed amorous bond. Proctor and Abigail’s relationship is exceptionally vague yet, from various quotes simply in Act I, the contrary of a romantic relationship can be deducted. From all the quotes to choose from, most if not all, come to indicate that Abigail

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1252 words - 6 pages convince oneself that those things are not good. Then we need to attribute those ‘bad things’ to people but what is done instead is blame others. Either of two things happen once people are blamed; the first group of people blame others to get themselves out of trouble as it was mainly done in ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller, while the second group of people choose to live with the blame while trying to break free from it and the, like in modern

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1446 words - 6 pages Female’s Influence over People Macbeth and The Crucible both portray strong female protagonists that have a lot of power over the other characters of the plays. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible the female protagonists use equivocation, deception and fear to influence the minds of all the other characters in both plays. The influence of these women over especially the men leads the males into doing miserable

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2057 words - 8 pages The corruption of power, or the power of corruption is a common theme found in texts of many different types of media and in many societies and cultures around the world.In the texts I have selected, I have come to the conclusion that, all characters in the pursuit of power are corrupt.In the texts I have selected, which include, “The Crucible,” “The Godfather,” “Animal Farm” and “Akira,” the portrayal of

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688 words - 3 pages 'The crucible';      In the novel 'The Crucible'; I believe is the strongest force in Salem. The emphasis of my essay is to make you (the reader) agree with my sentiments. I will do so through quotes and acts of Abigal Williams. Through out the novel Abigal Williams does many acts to make her look deceitful, dishonest, greedy, corrupt, and as the twenty first century is creeping upon us yes even bitchy.  &nbsp

The crucible 2

716 words - 3 pages "The crucible" In the novel "The Crucible" I believe is the strongest force in Salem. The emphasis of my essay is to make you (the reader) agree with my sentiments. I will do so through quotes and acts of Abigal Williams. Through out the novel Abigal Williams does many acts to make her look deceitful, dishonest, greedy, corrupt, and as the twenty first century is creeping upon us yes even bitchy. Throughout the novel Abigal

Response to a question

612 words - 2 pages , refresh and read/watch them again. After your reading and watching, complete a posterboard project. This project will entail: - one large posterboard, well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, with still images from the film, book illustrations, covers, memorabilia, designs from the book and film (be creative) - two iconic quotes, one from the film and one from the movie, written out largely with a paragraph each underneath (5-7 sentences) explaining

Elements of Good and Evil in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

1077 words - 4 pages The play, The Crucible, is a fireball of guilt, evil, and good compiled into one magnification. It is a play with tremendous feelings, with many inside twists hidden in the archives of the true story. It is a play with emotional feelings; feelings of anger, hate, and evil, yet also feelings of goodness, and pureness. Undeniably, The Crucible is a play illustrating good versus evil.  The principal characters, Abigail Williams, John Proctor

the search for justice

849 words - 4 pages would seem to be lacking and dull. Works Cited "The Crucible Justice Quotes Page 2." Shmoop. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Dec. 2013 Miller, Arthur.The Crucible.Prentice Hall Literature: The American Experience. Upper Saddle River, N. J.: Pearson, 2010. 1126-233. Print. Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of King Lear. Vol. Vol. 46. PSU- Hazleton, Hazleton, PA 18202: Electronic Classics Series, n.d. Print. Part 3 of 51. "King Lear Theme of Justice

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