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‘’Teen shot dead in gang wars’’, ‘’ two bystanders killed in gang shootout ‘’, these are familiar headlines at the front page of the local newspapers, aren’t they? Every day thousands of people are affected by gangs across the world. Women are left widowed, children are orphaned and parents are left childless. Let me put what most people are thinking ‘’ gangs are a threat to all of us no matter what sex, age or background we are from. They ruin the safety of a society as a whole, is a never-ending cycle which needs to be stopped and finally being a gang member most probably wrecks an individual’s life.

Active gangs in a particular area will be a cause of danger and fear among people who live there. Gang members threaten the lives of innocent people in their community, these people have to live in fear of getting robbed or even worse, getting murdered and lately these gangs are becoming even more popular. Cory Little Light in his article gang life 101 states that ‘’ I mean drugs and violence have plagued our reserves and communities for years, but never has it ever been as bad as it is right now’’. They also disrupt the peace in certain communities because of all the petty crimes they do. In the American musical west side story the officers of the town have to follow every move the jets and the sharks make to make sure they are not making trouble. Gangs also are a danger because they often end up hurting innocent bystanders; like in the case of Asia saddleback the twenty three month old toddler from Hobbema who was shot and almost killed in a gang related shooting. (Source – Gang life 101 by Cory little light)

Gangs have a way of reaching into people. If one individual is part of a gang, he can make five others into gang members using his influence in other people and these five people find another five gang members. They find loyal recruits in youth who turn to gangs for popularity, family and...

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