The Deceptive Apple Essay

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There is no such thing as silence here. Everything jumps out at once, like the feathers on a peacock, immediately catching your attention. There are uncountable masses of colorful blobs moving, but within that great glob, there are many people, each person moving with the powerful confidence of a lion. The buildings all loom over the people, a grand oak tree above thousands of ants, tying together this concrete landscape. There is a tangible atmosphere of wonder, and you are left in awe of such an astonishing place. This magnificent place is none other than Times Square in New York City.
It takes a while to process everything that is going on, but once you see the whole picture, the smaller details come out and are noticeable, even within the visually assaulting Square. The tall buildings are the first things you recognize; just the sheer size of them makes you feel like a tiny, unremarkable speck of dust. Each has its own character and was created with a unique design. A uniting factor of the buildings is the windows. The glass surface reflects the afternoon sun’s light, making a giant mirror from the buildings’ sides. The mirrors create an enormous hall of other building’s distorted reflections. Hanging from the buildings are advertisements for everything under the sun. Many billboards are for the different musicals that are going to be shown at Broadway soon; the classics, like West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Annie, and Wicked, are always there. Others are announcing the release of a new HP laptop, or Samsung HDTV. Some unveil a high fashion store’s new fall line of sweaters and jeans. Of course, there is the obligatory Coke commercial, telling you to enjoy a refreshing bottle of ice cold Coke.
The cars are aligned in rough, jagged lines; some are jutting out from their line, trying to switch lanes. The drivers are impatient and blast their car’s horn, ordering those in front of him to let him through, but those in front of him are just as busy and don’t budge. There are so many cars; they make a slew of different colors, it’s a distraction in itself. The yellow cars immediately call your attention. There are tall red buses and a big orange truck zoom past the people walking on the sidewalks.
There is no single discernible sound, the voice in your head being the only thing that you can hear clearly, but at times, even that can be drowned out. Cars blast their horns impatiently. People are screaming, yelling, or just talking. The advertisements playing on the giant screens are colorful and loud. There is someone selling hotdogs on the corner of the street, bellowing praise of his goods. You hear children laughing and hollering, chasing after each other or playing a game. A man in a suit struts past you, yelling into his phone, promising that he won’t be late for his 3:00 meeting, even though it’s already 2:53. A woman wearing her version of a suit catches your eye; her hair is a deep green, like the little troll dolls being sold at...

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