The Difference In Beach And City Vacations

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Not every individual has an opportunity to go on vacation but when they do, it is taken very seriously. "A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking," Earl Wilson says. When going on a vacation, the decision of the best place to go is the toughest to make. In order to have a successful vacation, choosing what you want to do and making a plan of it, helps the process. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to identify the differences between vacationing at a beach versus in a city, and contrasting them. The four kinds of differences in vacationing of both are the activities that can be done, the clothing requirements, the weather conditions to do so, and the pace of life that exists during.

The first major difference between these vacation spots is the amount of activities there is to be done. For example, on the beach, you are able to do activities like swim, surf, sail, fish, build castles in the sand, or simply lay in the sun and get tan, or at times it's possible to create your own activities to do. With that being said, vacationing in a city is quite different. Activities in the city are mainly for visiting sites that are not normally seen or done. An example of such, is being able to visit museums and art exhibits, theaters, important and popular buildings, ball games, concerts, and the downtown life in the city along with many other activities. Having this many activities versus the simple, less complex of the beach, means that more organization and the scheduling of time is necessary to have a successful vacation in the city.

Another difference between vacationing on the beach and in the city is the clothing requirements and equipment that is needed to take with you. If the decision to go to the beach is made, then a bathing suit, sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen, light and easy wear clothes, swimming goggles, a surfboard, towels, and chairs have to be taken. Although, if going to the city is your choice, walking becomes a must do. Comfortable...

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