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The dismissal of absolutes by Camus in his essay The Myth of Sisyphus as an escape from the absurd shows that Camus' commitment to life with joy and passion is another form of escape from the absurd. By embracing religion the cold irrationality of our society may be ignored. Science attempts to make sense of the world but the true irrationality of the universe lies within the human mind. A commitment to anything including life provides an escape from the irrationality that exists in our minds. Commitment to life and all other absolutes provides an escape from the absurd as well as irrational thoughts and actions of humans. Firstly religion offers believers an escape from the ridiculous. Western religion provides believers a set of rules or "goals" that many followers structure their life around. These goals allow structure for the individual and protect them from the reality of the world around them as well as restricting their individual freedom. These sets of rules are clearly comprehendable in print. Camus discusses this in his essay The Myth of Sisyphus. "One does not discover the absurd without being tempted to write a manual of happiness." Many religions also offer their followers a "scapegoat" to harbor the blame for the chaos and absurdity of the world. Most monotheist religions offer the comfort that life has direction and an end all orchestrated by a higher being. Jesus was a mortal (if there was a Jesus), and so were his disciples who wrote the Bible, therefore religions based upon the Bible have created societies based on the teachings and social guidelines presented in the Bible that have come from the irrational mind of the disciples and how they perceived the events the Bible speaks of. All minds are irrational because our previous experiences or teachings obscure our perceptions. However uniform our perception becomes it will never be the same as another person's. Another way people shield themselves from the absurd is science. Scientific theories have been proved and disproved throughout time and, although this has added to our understanding of the universe, few scientists have attempted to study the irrationality and free thought of the human mind. Freud was perhaps the first person to make progress in the study of the human psyche. Although in his time Freud was deemed sexually perverse and many of his ideas and work was shunned, his work on studying the unconsciousness and "blocking out" of memories was...

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The Dismissal Of Absolutes Essay

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