The False Light Essay

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Days go bye and it seems like an eternity. The sun has yet to shine upon my face. The only light I get is the one I work for. The light created by my hand, my power. Nobody can take that away from me. A false light, it feeds upon any happiness and hope I have. It created the girl or thing currently inhabiting my body. I knew it was slowly killing me, but I went after it like a moth to a flame. It was an addiction I couldn’t get enough of.
My power
My addiction
My cry for help

Alena slinked past the guards, careful to keep her breathing quiet and her footsteps light. She didn’t want to get caught afterall. Not with the amount of money those folks were kind enough to offer her. Quickly ...view middle of the document...

She didn’t think she ever had a heart.
Crouching low, she began to army crawl past the guards. They would never notice she was there. Her hand itched with the need to kill again, but she suppressed it. There was no need to kill unnecessarily. It was not part of her job description. She reluctantly moved on, easily making it to the meeting spot that was agreed upon.
“Did you do it?” Yellow eyes asked gruffly. She nodded her head, careful to keep her eyes to the right of theirs.
“Yes I did. No other person was injured. They will not know of it until sunrise. I was not spotted.” Her voice, rough and quiet from its continued disuse, was easily heard by the yellow eyed thing. Standing at an unassuming 4ft, wearing a suit and tie, it appeared to be as harmless as can be. Its yellow eyes betrayed its. Its yellow, yellow eyes.
Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
“Good, your reward,” Yellow eyes threw her a sack, its eyes crinkling as rows of sharp yellow showed themselves. She suppressed a shudder, it truly was terrifying. It cocked its head and a sharp laugh lashed through the air, assaulting her ears.
“Come now pet, there’s no need to be afraid. I’m just giving you a reward.” It tossed a bag towards her. She caught it with her hand and before she could blink it was directly in front of her. She staggered back. Another laugh assaulted her ears. It grabbed her chin and pointed her face directly towards it, its grip punishing.
“You are never to talk of this do you hear?” A foul stench reached her nose. A mixture of death and anger assaulted her senses. Choking on both the stench and the fear this being made her feel, Alena could do nothing but nod her head frantically. It smiled at her.
“Good girl,” and with that it was gone.Alena immediately collapsed. Vomit escaped her lips in a violent torrent, as she hunched over. Her form shook as she attempted to recall who she was. Her name is Alena Vaus. She was a mercenary. She was born….Her birthday was...A sob escaped her mouth. When was her birthday? Who were her parents? Did she have a family? The sobs never gained in volume, but the intensity increased. She...

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