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Kidder’s Ethical Checkpoints is going to be applied to analyze the case of Mike Nolan’s ethical decision. The recognized problem for this case is a passenger has suffered a heart attack, so Nolan needs to decide to follow Denver’s orders or demand a landing for medical evacuation.
Kidder’s second checkpoint is determining the actor. The actor that is responsible for addressing the problem is the pilot Mike Nolan. Secondary actors would be the crew and passengers aboard the flight.
The third checkpoint is for Nolan to gather the relevant facts of this case. For this case the facts are a passenger has suffered a heart attack. There is a doctor on board who is recommending immediate medical attention for the passenger. The plane is in the middle of a storm and Denver has denied permission for an emergency landing. Landing is unadvisable and unsafe for crew and the passengers, remembering the flight is full. There is one crew member that is not in agreement with landing the plane. Nolan does have 27 years flying experience with 18 years of flying these particular planes.
While right-versus-wrong issues are common, the really tough decisions typically arise because both sides of a dilemma are rooted in values and, in many respects, are right. For example, if one option in a decision is identified as being "right" and another as being "wrong," we find that most people would choose to do what is right. (Placeholder1) After reviewing the facts Nolan will need to test for right-versus-wrong issues with this dilemma. He is going to look within himself to look for the stench test, the front-page test and the Mom test. It will be up to Nolan’s character to decide if his decision is going to violate any of the criteria.
The next step will be to test for right-versus-right values of this case which will include four different types of conflict. Kidder believes that truth versus loyalty is the most common type of conflict involving two deeply held values. (Placeholder1p. 248) Nolan will have to decide if he is going to threaten his allegiance with his crew by abiding by Denver’s orders or go against the company allegiance and demand an emergency landing. Nolan will have to look at the next conflict of personal needs versus the needs of the community. If Nolan serves the immediate group which would be the sick passenger he would be serving a small group and overlooking a larger group. The needs of the larger group would be the crew and passengers plus all family members and the airlines he works for.
Right-versus-right conflict to examine will be the short-term benefits versus long-term negative consequences. This is where the real and important concerns the present pitted against foresight and investment of the future. (Placeholder1) Short-term benefits would be the passenger would receive critical medical attention. In this case the long-term negative consequences could include risking all passengers and the heart attack victim does not survive....

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