The Forgotten Man Of War Essay

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Under a waning moon, the hero chosen by the goddess collapsed in exhaustion. He fell straight to his knees, hitting the ground with a jolt. Silently he stared down at the grass. It appeared almost silver in the dim light, like it was masquerading as precious metal. Link wasn't sure he could continue with his journey. He had been injured time after time, relying on sickly potions and the occassional fairy to keep him up and running.
Link was beginning to embrace the idea that it might just be easier for him to give up his quest. If he kept going, he would never get a moment to pause and refresh. After running for hours, he couldn't help but feel this way. There was nothing but his desire to fall asleep and never get up. Link allowed his eyes to fall shut as if they were weighted down by stone.
"Hey!" a high voice said, the sound ringing out and stretching forever in the silence of the night. "Link! Get up, we have to go to Zora's Domain!"
Link shook his head, taking in the deepest breath possible. He was hoping that with the excess oxygen he would be reinvigorating. The frigid night air, however, only made him shiver. There was nothing around that seemed to be able to help him. A potion might have been able to ease his wounds or replenish his magic, but it wouldn't wake him up. It couldn't possibly make him feel that push to move forwards again.
"Come on, Link!" the voice whined. The fairy producing the words flitted over to his face, leaving a shimmering trail behind. "Dawn will be coming soon. If we hurry we can make it to Zora's Domain before then!"
Link let out a bitter sigh, taking his hat straight off of his head. After staring at the forest green piece of fabric, he thrust it on the ground. It crumpled into a shapeless heap, all of the meaning it symbolized disappearing. "What's the point, Navi?" he said, raising his eyes to look at the glimmering orb of a fairy who pestered him.
"Something's wrong!" Navi replied, flying around in circles for emphasis. "The water isn't flowing through Zora's River, which means something happened at the source: Zora's Domain!"
"No," Link said, biting his lip. "I meant, what's the point of even trying any more? I can't handle the responsibility. I'm a ten year old boy stuck in a seventeen year old's body. My only support is you, a fairy!"
"That's not true. You have support from the Sages. You have support from Princess Zelda, wherever she may be. All the people of Hyrule are on your side! What about the goddesses? The goddesses chose you to be a hero!"
"They gave me a sword, and let me use an ocarina. I can't do it anymore, Navi!"
"Oh, come on!" the fairy complained. "Ganondorf will destroy Hyrule if he gets the Triforce and takes power. You and the Sages are the only ones who can defeat him!"
"I know, I know," Link sighed. Unwilling to fight any further, he pulled out his ocarina and turned the object in his hand for a moment. The iridescent sky blue surface had grown cold, making his fingers ache. With a...

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