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The expectations of women roles are demanding when it comes to the lifestyle of her husband. Typically, the wife is taught from a young age to satisfy the needs of her husband to complete a women’s role. Women didn’t have much political rights or say in the early 1900’s so the pressure to find a workingman, and to get married is heavy. Ladies are usually willing to achieve these task because they are mostly fulfilled when they have a husband, in addition, children. Women are commonly known as an extension of her husband in the most dedicated way. One of the best quotes to describe the act of a women is stated by an English novelist, Joseph Conrad, “Being a woman is a terribly difficult ...view middle of the document...

The girl was raised to master ironing, cooking, and beauty to fill the needs of a potential mate; but was ignored through the eyes of ignorance that belittled her position in life. Essentially, she lost her identity that played a major role in her life to allow her emotions to decline. Belonging to society or feeling wanted plays an extensive role in the position that a woman should have in life. The article, Ethnic and Sub-cultural Identity, written by Elizabeth Krimstock, best states, “belonging is a motivation to avoid negative feelings such as loneliness and poor self-esteem and a motivation to experience positive feelings of intimacy and acceptance.” Without acceptance, the feeling of failure starts to develop, followed by beautiful, and self-esteem.

The power of authority is put in place to protect the innocence and prosecute the guilty. But how far will a wife continue in protecting her husband’s innocence? In the short story “Barn Burning” shows an example of a victim who is treated like a hostage that can’t escape for the sake of her children. The wife represents a role of being controlled by her husband through aggressive behavior and abuse that generates fear. Women generally in this situation see the male as the dominant partner and tries to focus on the good in the relationship verses the bad. She might suggest to herself that her husband is a good provider, and love her for the sake of the family. But, women at this state of mind usually suggest ways to stay in their relationship in the act of fear, lack of finances or resources, children, guilt, love, and in most cases failure as a wife.

Women typically were inferior to men. The inequality of men and women made it hard for them to break away from their Victorian style ways. Women who abided their husband and rules were considered “true woman” and was promised happiness. In the short story, “Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins...

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