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Bulletproof clothing is the most interesting thing I have ever seen in my life. There is not really a problem of bulletproof clothing besides it is very expensive to make it. It is very expensive just because of the materials. The materials are spider-silk, vectran and Kevlar. The history of bulletproof has been worn for thousands of years. Even the medieval Europe worn body armor. By the 1500’s, they changed the development of cannons and guns. Bulletproof in the encyclopedia means the protection of bullets, knives and puncture wounds. They have made antiballistic protective clothing. The material of it is single layer or multilayer package. The bulletproof clothing basically looks like a very strong net.
Bulletproof clothing is really made up of seven layers of bullet-resistant webbing. The three types of the layers are the carrier, Kevlar and plastic film. The body armor just looks like a very strong net. Kevlar is strong, but they also make bulletproof with another material is called vectran. Vectran is 5 to 10 times stronger than steel. They have another rapidly emerging fiber its called spider silk. The resulting of spider silk is biosteel. A strand of biosteel can be up to 20 times stronger than a strand of steel. To have a hard body armor, you have to make I out of thick ceramic or metal plates. It’s extremely hard enough for it to deflect bullets or other weapons. When the bullet makes contact with the material of bulletproof. A police officer or military will wear this type of protection when it is a high risk of attack. The swat team would definitely wear this type of protection too. But when they are on an everyday mission they would mainly wear soft body armor. This would give these types of people the faith in them self’s so they wouldn’t have to worry so much about getting shot or stabbed. With this much faith it gives them they wouldn’t keep stopping and thinking so much. So then they would just act and do the mission basically without thinking. They also can wear a flexible protection that you would wear like an ordinary shirt or jacket. It would make you feel like you are basically wearing regular clothes. It would really feel like a ordinary day for you.
The information of lighter, stronger bulletproof clothing is kind of interesting. Lighter, stronger bulletproof clothing is made by melding spider silk and human skin together. It makes the body armor to be like spiderman- like body armor. The spider silk proteins are from the milk of the genetically engineered goats. The proteins are then woven into artificial silk fibers. Then the silk fiber is grafted with the human epidermis. A hybrid skin is able to deflect a slow-moving bullet fired by a .22-caliber rifle. But the bulletproof was not able o deflect normal bullet speeds. That is only with 4 layers of material. A real standard bulletproof vest is made up of 33 layers of Kevlar. If spider silk body armor was scaled up, it would be three times stronger than Kevlar. Now just...

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