The Implications Of Different Views On Animal Rights

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Should animals and humans have the same rights? Or, the same penalty for their abuse? Have you just sat back and wondered how we got where we are today? Should animals be lower than humans or the same?
With the advancing of new technology, medications and medical advancements haven’t we gained this knowledge by animal testing/ animal cruelty? Do we, as humans, think animal testing/ animal cruelty and domestic violence all have similarities and should all of them have the same fines?
Many people dating back for centuries, struggled over these same questions that we still struggle over today. What many people don’t know is that these type of abuses still exist in the world and will get stronger if we don’t do something about it. Those who know are divided between wanting to help both the animals and humans in need of help or that, these abuses are the only way we can advance. Many people say animals are just at our disposal and we can do as we please with them, but there are some that choose the middle ground.

Should animals and humans have the same rights and penalties for their abuse, as we humans? This is one of the major questions we still research on today to find the answers. According to the HSUS or the Humane Society of the United States, animal cruelty is a range of behaviors harmful to animals from neglect to cruel killing. Unintentional neglect, which you do something on accident not planned on doing it, can be resolved though education. The other type is Intentional Cruelty/ abuse, which is knowingly depriving an animal of food, water, shelter, socialization, or Veterinary care and/or maliciously torturing, Crippling, mutilating or killing an innocent animal for the fun of it or just because we could .

Another type of animal cruelty is animal testing. Many people don’t see animal testing as animal cruelty but as a way to get a head. We get out of this type of abuse new medication, technology, surgical approaches and many other things. Many think that this alone is worth it. Some people think it is cruel to use dogs and cats in medical research but feel it is okay to use rats and mice because they can carry diseases. Some who are vegetarians who do not eat meat may not think twice about killing a spider or cockroach in their house. We kill millions of insects daily and think nothing of it. We think pets are cute but insects are bugs. They bug us so it is okay to kill them.

Our treatment of animal can range from extreme pampering to horrible abuse. What we don’t see or don’t care about is that “1.6 million animals are involved around this, 700 cats are shot to model human-injuries to develop surgical techniques on pigs; And testing poison gases on rats and mice. Just in Britain for 2000 there were 2.71 million experimental procedures were carried out on animals. 500,000 of these animals were genetically modified (a 14% increase from 1999). In Australia 3 million animals were used in scientific research...

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