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Religion has convinced modern society to not only consider humanity’s well-being: what God wants and our place in either Heaven or Hell in the afterlife (Sutter). Religion, even though there are billions of followers, is based solely on what just a few important religious characters have said. For instance, Islam was started by a man named Mohammed, who communicated with God and became a prophet. Nobody saw him or the angel which visited Mohammed at this time, however, when Mohammed came down from the mountain where he was praying, and began to spread the message, people who had previously been polytheists converted to Mohammed’s new religion: Islam. Over the course of Mohammed’s life, as depicted in the movie “The Message”, many people became Muslims simply because they were told that Mohammed was a prophet, a messenger of the “one true God”. This action of becoming a Muslim simply because, from what the others are saying about Mohammed, seems to be a blind faith – not having any fact whatsoever that there is a God, yet believing with all one’s heart there is one. Personally, I have no qualms with religion or people who practice religion, no matter which religion. What I do struggle with is how religion is the basis of an individual’s decisions, slowing progress of improvement of our nation and world.
Religion, in my eyes, has two original purposes. Its first purpose was to explain the unexplainable, such as how humans were created, where animals came from, and other similar questions. Christianity’s book, the Bible, attempted to answer many of these questions with the information known at the time. Over the years, however, many scientists have disproven what the Bible stated as truth – such as the very controversial topic of evolution. Many of the stories contained within the Bible have also been deemed fiction by scientists and researchers due to the lack of evidence or the impossibility posed by the story. The story of Noah’s ark, where a man named Noah took two of every species on earth, and kept them alive during the great flood, is an absolute impossibility. One man constructing an ark by himself is hard enough, but it is strictly impossible to have found, captured, and transported two of the many billions of species on the globe. Even though many Christians take the Bible’s teachings for their own spiritual benefit, there are a large amount of Christians who take the stories and teachings literally. Taking a book written on the basis of religion literally can be very detrimental – Muslim extremists take a specific part of the Quran far too literally, which causes them to deem it morally right and necessary to convert everybody to Islam and kill all those who are opposed. However, this is where my struggle begins – even though times have changed and there is no real solid fact that there is a God, a Heaven, or a Hell, our society is heavily based on religion. 76% of Americans claim to be Christian; with about 80% of...

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