The Internet's Effects On Social And Cognitive Abilities

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The internet might not only be affecting social abilities, but also cognitive abilities. According to Descartes, what determines ones existence is cognition, and thinking is considered identity. His famous quote was not “I google therefore, I am.” An argument can be made about how creativity is being effected. The internet is not only a place where people find new friends, but also information. It is possible that we have access to too much information. The problem with the internet becoming the main source of information is that we depend on it for simple tasks which one could easily perform on their own with regular practice. The other problem is knowledge, people are looking to google where there is access to the same pool of knowledge rather than being creative and coming up with their own ideas and solutions.
The internet is shaping the way we think in more ways than one, and according to Carr (2008), it is suggests that the internet can lead to intellectual laziness. Depending on the internet as a source for information leads to an artificial intelligence. Carr also believes the media is always shaping how we think Carr (2008). Although Carr might not be the most credible due to his augment relying mostly on testimonial evidence, he has a good point. Imagine for a moment sitting in a class room and a professor asks a question. Some students will be right, and others will be wrong which leads to an opportunity for learning. However, if every student were to google the answer to that question each and every student would be correct. See the problem? With reliant use of the internet for information there is no room for creativity or learning.
The internet is a medium used to access almost any information at any time, and that is an amazing resource to have available to us. However the internet, and use of other technologies are changing the way we think, therefore, the internet is affecting cognition. According to Thompson (2013), computers have a much larger ability to process and hold information compared to the human brain. So teaming up with computers could increase intelligence. For example, consider computers and humans playing a game of chess. According to Thompson (2013) computers alone out-smart world champion chess players. What gives computers the edge over humans is the ability to calculate every possible move. Computers can weed through options that will lead to failure and easily find ones that will defeat the opponent. In the respect to the human brain, computers don’t have the same intuition a human has. A human has the ability to read the opponent’s emotions, and chose the move that could psych them out leading to victory. A human’s wit, and intuition, merged with the speedy processing of a computer can create sort of a super intelligence (Thompson, 2013). What Thompson seems to be forgetting is that chess is a strategy game, which most people play to have fun and exercise their brain a little, so besides winning what...

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