The Journey Essay

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The Journey
It was early in the morning, neither me or Macie (my dog) could sleep, so I decided to take her out for a walk, as I knew that in a couple of hours my house would be full of noise, laughing and screaming teenagers, so I thought it would be nice to be peaceful for a while, so I quickly got up, got dressed and headed downstairs, I picked up macies lead and wrapped up warm, pulled on my wellington boots,hat and scarf and made our way out.The first thing to hit me was when I opened the door there was a beautiful smell of freshly cut grass, it was the most vivid green and it glistened in the morning dew.-
Macie and I walked out of our close which I found to be quite military looking as the houses were in rows and were very plain. We rounded the corner and we were now on route to our destination (the millennium green). Before we reach there we have to pass a few places first, and our first port of call is well what I call “the little green area” as it is just an area which isn’t looked after but it is always green with bushes and trees surrounding it.
As we approach this area I can see an elderly couple picking the blackberries from the bushes on the left,they seemed to be chatting quietly to themselves, so as we past them I said a quick good morning the couple, as we got closer I could see they were both dressed quite smart the gentleman was wearing a pair of lightly coloured trousers a shirt and an tan coloured overcoat, the lady was dressed in a long floral dress and a lilac knitted cardigan. They both raised their heads and politely waved but you could tell they were just happy picking and didn’t want to be disturbed too much.
As we came to the end of the area we turned left and passed the quiet industrial estate. It was so unusual to see it so peaceful, I could just picture the busy garage with the engineers singing and the radio in the background, the clanking of tools and the bouncing rubber tyres. Also on this estate there is a coach park where all the school coaches stay. Well today it was empty and no noise, it was a bit creepy,so I quickly scurried past and I could see the green ahead, I was looking forward to letting macie off the lead and letting her run free for a while.
We had finally reached the green but it was not what I expected, I was kind of expecting to see green fields...

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