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The New Change

There are many problems in the World today. Some solvable and some impossible to solve- but as humans, we can only try our best to come up with resolutions to solve the problems. In the U.S, people recognize the problems with healthcare insurance, but most people are not concerned about changing it. They would rather maintain the current healthcare because people are scared that the change will make the situation worse. For years now, the U.S has been fighting the issues within the problem of healthcare insurance. Therefore the two main causes for preventing every citizen in the U.S from getting healthcare insurance is unemployment and high cost. Throughout the years in the ...view middle of the document...

Older workers’ tenure at their jobs is longer, they will have more health issues, and therefore more claims that force insurance companies to increase their rate. This has lead to the situation where healthcare insurance has become unaffordable for millions of Americans. One of the purposes of the Obamacare is to remedy this.. This also, causes people not to be able to afford the deductions from their paycheck. Sometime this force companies to offer healthcare insurance only to fulltime employee. Leading part-time or temporary’s uninsured. The end result of this leads to unemployment. “Unemployment or (joblessness), occurs when people are without work and actively seeking work”, Webster Dictionary. According to Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, “The unemployment rate this year has been around 7.3% to 7.9% .” That percentage is very high for people with families who are trying to survive with everyday necessities. It has been like that every since we been out of the recession. Unemployment is so high because the job market remains very weak. “As a result of the recession that started in December 2007, actual GDP is much lower than potential GDP, so we can say that there is significant “slack” in the economy”, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Business starting laying off workers during the recession which weakening demand for goods and services. During a recession companies look at the gain and loss of revenue. The all-mighty dollar losses its value during a recession causing no gain or profit. Especially with today society, “The unemployment rate among the youth is very high”, according to The Economist. The International Labor Organization estimates there are seventy-five million fifteen to twenty-four- year-olds looking for work across the globe. This figure excludes a large number of youngsters who do not participate in the labor market at all. Some of these youth choose not to work, because they want to make the fast money— money that the government doesn’t cut into and they get to keep all the earnings. In the long run that choice is very hurtful to them because they are not going to have healthcare insurance. If the youth of today do not become a part of the workforce, society benefits...

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