The Pros And Cons Of Tourism

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How does tourism affect the places we all visit and are we doing harm without even realizing it?
The culture all throughout East Africa share many similarities, but from village to village traditions and language can vary slightly. Communities consist of families who have lived there for generations, such as my homestay family who were fourth generation, making a livelihood. With more than 80% of the active working population engaged in food production and being the country's primary source of income in Tanzania much of the culture revolves around the agriculture industry. My homestay village consisted of many small house space out from each other with fields of crops between them. People in the villages rely on one another to watch out for each others crops and households. They live by the credo “Love thy neighbor.” People living in these countries are some of the hardest workers I have seen, the day starts with the rising of the sun and they work through the day through the intense heat until the sun begins to set, but when they are home they take that time to relax and be with the family. A big reason to this is that when they lose the light of day that have nothing to work off of, a family will typically own a kerosene or solar lamp to cook with but nothing more. With dark come relaxation, we would sit on the couch in silence just drinking our tea. Our time in the homestay village opened my eyes to what life is really like in a Tanzanian village. People work hard up front and relax when its all said and done with. Life is simple but everyday my family would wake up with a smile on there face. One on the days during my homestay I offered my family to work in the field for them, and after being very persistent, they gave me a hoe and I began my work. After thirty minutes I went into the house to grab my water bottle which I had forgotten, and when I get there I am bombarded by my homestay family complimenting me on a job well done, and that I am done for the day, I should just go in and rest until tomorrow. All I could do was laugh, I had barely made a scratch on the field I was working. At that moment is when I realized what people in Tanzania thought of Americans, that we can’t work a day in the fields and I don’t blame them for thinking that. Many of the people who visit East Africa in general from either Europe or America are people who make their wealth through business not manual labor. Where we value success as going to a good university, finding a job, and making money, people in the local villages value a hard days work and the people in their community. The culture is simple they live their lives day to day with only the necessities of food, water, and family. They believe they can overcome anything, and they chanel this through religion. They believe that everything good or bad happens because its gods plan, and that he is the reason why people are strong, blessed, and happy and with god you can overcome any obstacle. The people...

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