The Restoration Of The Philippines After Typhoon Haiyan

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Since the beginning of time, the Philippines has been plagued with chronic natural disasters due to its geographical location. Not only does it lie within the Filipino, Australian, and Pacific tectonic plates, it is also located in the circum-Pacific seismic belt, causing the country to be consistently bombarded with typhoons and earthquakes . In an average year, 20 typhoons and almost 2,000 major and minor earthquakes will affect the Philippines . On November 8th 2013, the Category-5 Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan) struck the nations of Micronesia, Palau, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and most severely of all, the Philippines . Within the typhoon, winds occurred at over 200 miles per hour, effectively earning the title as the strongest typhoon ever recorded . Typhoon Haiyan emerged several kilometers east of Pohnpei on November 2nd 2013 from regions where a cluster of thunderstorms, revolving in an area with atmospheric pressure at approximately 89.5 kilopascals, formed under areas of wind divergence in upper levels of the troposphere. As the typhoon traveled westward, it favored tropical cyclogenesis through the development of a warm-core cyclone due to significant convention in the now favorable atmospheric environment. Typhoon Haiyan soon began a rapid intensification, and through the conservation of angular momentum, triggered a Category 5 super typhoon . Upon its arrival on early November 8th 2013, the eye of the cyclone made six landfalls, predominately destroying Samar, Leyete, and Tacloban before emerging over the South China Sea . It ultimately faded over Northern Vietnam after transforming into a tropical depression.
Despite the abundance of typhoons and natural disasters the Philippines experiences, the Philippines was utterly unprepared for the extreme events that took place with Typhoon Haiyan . The flimsy structures of many rural houses and buildings were not able to properly shield people from this severe natural disaster, making fatalities difficult to avoid. The Philippines managed to evacuate 750,000 citizens, but in many of the disaster areas, the people turned a deaf ear . Moreover, foreign aid lacked swift application, since just a month before, an earthquake affecting Bohol had caused conflicts with rebels and untraversable terrain, preventing attempts to transfer supplies prior to the typhoon .
The Philippines has been estimated to climb to the top 15 economies by the year 2050 . Currently, over 40% of its exports are monolithic integrated circuits, and over two thirds are electronics related. Another huge export for the Philippines is agriculture. Not only is the Philippines the largest coconut oil export in the world, it also has significant coffee, rice, and sugar export figures . Natural disasters have decayed the Philippines’ agricultural stability over the years. It is estimated that Typhoon Haiyan alone caused total crop...

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