The Rhetorical Situation Essay

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The Rhetorical Situation

This paper serves two purposes, the first describing the elements that are needed to construct an effective augment and second how to use these elements to achieve your goal. The topic which I selected is; of trying juveniles as adults who commit serious crimes and allowing the reader to make an inform decision on the facts that are presented.
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, rhetorical is defined as the concerned with the art of speaking or writing formally and effectively to persuade or influence people. (Merriam-Webster). Rhetoric dates back to the time of Aristotle, who considers it a counterpart of both logic and politics, and ...view middle of the document...

• Reader: Who is the targeted audience? Is the text meant for the general public who have an interest in the topic or the experts in the field? How is the text presented, short to the point or of detailed analysis? What does the author assume is the position of the audience in regard to the argument? Does the author assume his readers will be receptive or noncommittal, requiring effort to get the reader excited about the topic? Will the reader me motivated to change their mind or the situation (course.durhamtech).
• Author: Who is the author? What is the author’s area of concentration is the author an expert in a particular field, an interested layperson, or someone who has had an experience to share? How does the author’s area of concentration affect the view of the situation or topic? How reliable is the author, does the author belong to an organization in the field? Is the text from a nationally respected print publication or is the author a well-respected journalist? Does the author seem to respect other point of view, or is the article clearly biased? Overall the author’s background, experiences education, affiliation and value must be considered when analyzing an argumentative topic ( courses.durhamtech).
• Constraints: What may cause the author to fail to get the message across, are there special constraints that will influence the reader’s response to the subject (course. durhamtech). What might limit the text’s relationship with the reader, is it out of date or irrelevant? Does the author have a common ground with the audience; are they connected by common...

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