The Scientist That Overcame The World

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26 March 2014
The Scientist That Overcame the World
Albert Einstein was a world renowned scientist that may be considered one of history’s greatest scientist with his creation of the Theory of Relativity or, E=MC^2. He was born in Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany on March 14, 1897. His father’s name was Hermann Einstein and his mother’s name was Pauline Einstein. (Hasday) Though despite his outstanding success he had very many problems throughout his life that he had to struggle greatly to overcome. Albert Einstein overcame failure by pursuing his intellectual dreams, working hard to make a life for himself, and achieving the nobel prize in physics.
Einstein overcame many challenges throughout his childhood and early life. These included both family problems, with money and trouble, and educational issues. The one of the first major issue that had become relevant in his life was the fact that he had such a hard time with school that his parents thought that he was mentally retarded. (German-American Physicist) Still today many scientists think that he had been born in a more modern time he would have been diagnosed with all of the following mental illnesses: dyslexia, ADHD, and aspergers. (How Do We Know Einstein was ADHD) However he very quickly recovered from this because by the age of 15 one of his high

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school teachers shockingly stated “There is nothing left to teach him.” (What did Einstein Invent?)
Einstein’s education was also very much disrupted by that failures of his father’s business. In 1894 his father’s business lost a contract and failed entirely. While the rest of his family left for work, Einstein was left at a boarding school where his family expected him to finish out his education and later continue on into military service. (German-American Physicist) He ran away from his boarding school after about six months and returned to his parents house. There was not a promising future for Einstein at this time since he was both a high school dropout and someone who evaded the military draft. (German-American Physicist).
Unfortunately since Einstein was so curious that he often performed his own scientific studies and experiments outside of school. In result he had not formed the best reputation in high school due to his lack of attention to his studies, although he eventually did end up graduating. So in order to help him get into college and get jobs to pay for it he asked his long time friend Heinrich Weber to write a letter of recommendation. Soon after that he was turned turned down by every single position that he applied for. In response Einstein said ”I would have found a job long ago if Weber had not played a dishonest game with me”. (German-American Physicist)
Around this time is what many people believe to be the lowest point on Einstein’s life. (German-American Physicist) He could not marry Maric, which he had developed a deep relationship with, since he would...

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