The Strength Of Mrs. Dingus Essay

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After hearing about other people’s heroes and their events behind their heroes, I have decided to tell about a remarkable woman. This woman is not a celebrity nor is she the most known person. She does not have a lot of money. She works 6 days a week to provide for the ones around her. She is a daughter, a mother, a friend, a coworker, and a motivator. My mother is my hero because she has been there for my brother and I when no one was ever there.
Mrs. Robin Dingus has been the most amazing person to ever be in my life. She comes acrossed as a friendly, level-headed person. At first, when someone see her, she seems a little sassy and expressive with her body language and the way she speaks ...view middle of the document...

She was a single mother and providing for her two kids by herself, up until my father offered to pay child support to help her out but even with that little bit of help it didn’t do very much to ease the stress on her. She still had to work almost every day just to provide for her kids and herself. About six years after her divorce, she finally married a guy that she dated for about five years. Now she had someone that helped her provide for her family and he also claims us as his own children and cares for us as well as my mother does.
Even though she got remarried, she still has her challenges with her husband. They still argue and fuss, but they are happy together and care for one another. With them being married and living together, it does not stop my mother from going out and doing things that she likes to do, such as going and seeing her family or hanging out with her kids at restaurants. They do not have tight leashes on one another and they are not jealous people. They go with the flow and just take it day by day (Dingus). They are truly happy with one another and are open about their relationship that they have full trust in one another.
Robin Dingus has been my mother and my father since November 7, 2006. She has been there for me through thick and thin. She has given me unconditional love and has been the greatest mother I could ever ask for. She has pushed me to become the person I am today all because of her strength and will power to make sure that I am taken care of and that my brother is provided for. She has always been proud of me and my brother and had supported us through whatever we have done throughout school or whatever. She is my motivation to be in college and to continue on with being successful with my life all so she can be taken care of when she is older and is unable to work. She wants her kids to take care of her just so she can live a comfortable life when she is older and is not “breaking her back” with working (Dingus).

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