The Teamwork Involved In "Halo 2".

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TakinNames, HillDaddy, FOREVERandAGAIN, LTK Emotionless. We are the NameTakers. We are but mere men, separated by miles of roadway and earth, only connected by one game: Halo 2. As individuals, we have had our fair share of victories and defeats. However, together, we have yet to realize what it feels like to put forth our full effort and not come out on top. We have learned how to communicate with each other. We have learned to respect one another at an equal level. We have learned how to function as one unit, as a team. We have learned the true definition of teamwork.We go into every game with this fact in mind, and this game wasn't going to be any different. Immediately after we spawned, we all told each other what power weapon we were about to get. "I got the sniper; Jesse, I'll get your back. Grab the rockets." "Alright" I took aim towards the general location of the enemy's base knowing that their sniper would have to stick his head out in order to stop Jesse. Just as Jesse came into view, the sniper stuck his head up but before he had a chance to fire, an armor piercing bullet flew into his skull, causing his body to do a back flip before it plummeted to the floor. As I reloaded, the sound of an engine came from the right side of the base. I yelled "Warthog, right side!" into my microphone as I positioned myself to snipe out the gunner as the warthog stormed in. Jesse heard me and decided to fire a rocket in the general direction of the warthog from the right side. "Everyone move!" he shouted as he fired a rocket. The rocket whizzed by our heads and just as the warthog turned the corner it met the rocket head on sending it soaring upwards in a massive ball of fire.Communication is crucial. It allows each of us to see the field from four sets of eyes. If one of us knows where the opponent is, we all know where he is. This way, we do not simply each hold a piece of the puzzle; instead, we constantly have the entire image in our heads.After playing some exceptionally good defense, we received the chance to go on the offensive. After we...

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