The Unfortunate Case Of The Kidnapped Teddy Bear

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Lee Fletcher’s day started as it usually did- being rudely awoken from his wonderful dreams. Today’s happened to be a particularly engaging version of his arrival at Camp Half-Blood which did not include him screaming for his mother.

Luckily,  none of the current occupants of his cabin knew the true sequence of events and so he was able to command a certain degree of respect as Head Counsellor. And by certain, a little. Hey, it was better than nothing.

Lee opened bleary eyes to meet his little sister’s blue ones. They were staring at him, unblinking, and appeared to be tearing. Internally panicking, he forced himself to sit up. He pulled Kayla into what he hoped was a comforting hug.

"What up, Kay?" Lee asked, sincerely wishing ‘nothing’.

"Will and Michael won’t listen to me. They’re fighting again." Kayla looked up at him imploringly.

He shifted his shoulders uncomfortably. “Yeah? How about we just let them fin-“

He was interrupted by a resounding crash from the front of the cabin, followed by an exclamation of ‘Oh, you are soo in trouble!’

Lee licked his lips. To intervene or not to intervene. That was the-

"ME? YOU WERE THE ONE WHO DID IT, YOU DIPSTICK!" Another crash. This one was accompanied by the sound of splintering wood.

"Intervene, intervene!" Lee yelped, launching himself off of the bed.

Kayla grabbed his t-shirt and toddled after him as he bolted for the source of the noise, her short legs taking two steps for each of his.

Lee stumbled into the front area of the cabin, where he met with an all too familiar sight. Will and Michael were circling around the statue of Apollo that guarded the entrance. It was (mercifully) clothed, and somehow managed to be cheerful and scary at the same time as it smiled down happily at them.

Michael was holding a slightly bent baseball bat. That probably explained the splintering noise from earlier. Will appeared to be armed with nothing except the determination to taunt his brother. This was evident from the monkey-dance he was performing.

Lee briefly considered covering Kayla's eyes.

And then...

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