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The poem, “Summer Dawn”, by William Morris is narrated from an extensive perspective. It gives a comprehensive description about a particular transition time. The poem’s title encompasses two diverse words which depict a second in time. The title’s contradicting phrases give one a hint about the poem’s mood of uncertainty. Based on the title, the poem’s setting is in two different time frames. Dawn is a reference to a new beginning that is anxiety filled. The speaker attempts to convey a message of hope. The line “The summer night waneth, the morning light slips” appears to reference the end of summer. It describes the light fading between the leaf and the clouds which are another hint that ...view middle of the document...

“The heavy elms wait, and restless and cold”. They can wait no longer for the warmth and life that is summer. He is at one with nature praying and begging for “the dawn” to arrive. The dawn symbolizes spring and with spring comes the beginning of new life and for his’ sake, summer.
He uses personification to further connect himself to nature, as they await the return of summer. Without the use of personification, the connection would be very harder to make. The fact that he and nature share the same type of long-suffering may not exist. In this aspect, the poem would have less meaning causing one to become numb to what he is actually communicating. If, one becomes numb and has no feeling then in a sense the poem or piece or writing or work of art has failed its’ mission . However, the poem successfully conveys the feeling to all. One can feel the cold of the trees and the rush of the wind, as if they were present in person. It is clear that he does not like the fall or winter but prefers summer and possibly spring. It is clear through the use of personification that nature shares the same feeling, as the summer ends and winter begins. The feeling that winter is harsh, brutal and brings death to many plants and animals, the winter is the light of suffering. Winter brings cold brutal harsh conditions and suffering to all creatures alike and summer brings life, warm temperatures, plant growth and abundance supply of food. “Wait” and “waiting” is repeatedly used to describe the trees and their leaves. He speaks to the cloud bars “patiently waiting” for the dawn and uses “pray” to describe the roses. “Through the long twilight they pray for the dawn”. In these examples, he displays the key role of personification. He cannot become more like the trees, leaves or roses, but these objects are be described as more human and thus connecting them with him or any human that shares the same view of winter and summer.
Imagery creates the scene in which the poem occurs. He presents an image of a country home surrounded by corn fields with the line “Round the lone house in the midst of the corn”. One experiences the same sights and feelings endured in the lines of the poem. This gives the poem strength and power over them. One must put themselves in his shoes and feel as he does. Without the use of imagery, one may not feel as strong of a connection to the poem and the literal meaning. The poem would lose strength and power over them. Without this argument, the poem would not be compelling. The line “The heavy elms wait, and restless and cold” presents an image of barren trees blowing in the winters’ cold wind. This gives a view of the hopelessness and suffering that the speaker and nature are enduring. One can experience the same brutal cold winds and the loneliness in the climax of winter as if they are right there along with him. “Round the lone house” also projects an image of loneliness that he is feeling and saying that this house is “in the midst...

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