The Youngest Man To Become President Of The United States: Theodore Roosevelt

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As the youngest man to become president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt proved his self ambition and visionary leadership. Roosevelt became the first president to set America on the successful path of prosperous growth and diplomatic influence. From childhood to adulthood, Roosevelt hoped to positively influence Americans. Theodore Roosevelt sought to make America a better place through anti-trust acts, safety laws, and positive environmental actions.
By dissolving powerful corporate trusts, Theodore Roosevelt desired the ability to allow all Americans a chance at success. However, corrupt trusts had gone against Roosevelt’s belief in helping people in need. Not only were they making life hard for the working class, some trusts greedily made millions of dollars from controlling every part of their desired industry. For instance, John D. Rockefeller, owner of Standard Oil, owned the land, drilling companies, pipelines, refineries, gas stations, and almost all the oil in America. Additionally, monopoly owners nationally raised prices such as docking wages and railroad rates just to get an extra million in their bank accounts. Roosevelt found it inequitable that while powerful business owners were stuffing their faces with food, the masses were hardly capable of supporting their families. Roosevelt also believed that big businessmen similar to Rockefeller had a stranglehold on the economy and could ruin corporate trust systems altogether. Theodore Roosevelt despised such monopolies and took action soon after becoming president. He created the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in 1890 and declared that “every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal” (qtd. in SHRM). Consequently, J.P. Morgan became the first industrialist to receive Roosevelt’s anti-trust lawsuit (Edwards). Morgan was an investment banker who greedily worked his way to the top through interlocking directorates. When it came time for multi-company meetings, Morgan would put his employees as the board of directorates. Because of these interlocking employees, Morgan gained control of many businesses and received an excess amount of power and wealth. Roosevelt did not believe that having a successful business was corrupt but believed that gaining success the way Morgan did was pure greed. After dissolving Morgan’s monopoly, Roosevelt continued to bust many more corrupt trusts with the idea to equalize opportunities for success in all Americans.
Theodore Roosevelt had a substantial amount of belief in improving meat-packing plants and working conditions in America. During the twentieth century, the only food safety laws were located in the bible which gave humans the privilege to serve contaminated, adulterated, and expired meat to consumers. On the inside, packing plants became inundated with blood puddles and infested with rats. In fact, after...

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