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When I think about all of the people that don’t have an education, I feel grateful for myself. But then I also realize that many people don’t get enough to eat and don’t have a place to live. Many people don’t have a comfortable bed to sleep in at night or a backyard to play in with their friends. These facts bring tears to my eyes. But I can make a difference. Thoughtful acts are not only beneficial to the receiver of the act, but also to the giver, and others in the community. You never know the impact that you may have on others.

A thoughtful act can be beneficial to me. When I give unexpected help to someone or just say a kind word, I feel good from the inside. Doing thoughtful acts for others makes me feel like a selfless person. I feel like I am giving back to the community, instead of just expecting something from it. Also, a thoughtful act can benefit me because I know I helped someone and made a difference. For example, last winter I decided to crochet 5 pairs of socks for the elderly at Memorial Manor. The year before, I crocheted 3 shawls for them. These two small acts of kindness had a huge impact on me. I knew I had made a difference in their lives when I saw the smiles on their faces. A thoughtful act benefits me because it shows me that a good deed is not only good, but also very important. One small deed can have a great impact on someone. For example, when I gave the socks to the elderly, I spent most of my time with one elder: Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson had recently lost his wife, and his children left him a nursing home and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He told me about himself and told me how he had never been happier to get something since his wife had passed away. He was overwhelmed with happiness and that was what made me realize what a thoughtful act can mean to someone. Thoughtful acts can benefit me and influence me to help others more often, and help me grow as a person.

A thoughtful act can benefit the person I helped. Thoughtful acts make the person I helped feel appreciated and loved. It makes them feel like someone was there for them when no one else was. It shows them that someone kind and generous will lend them a helping hand when no one else...

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