Three Effective Aspects Of Teamwork Essay

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Nowadays many business companies encourage employees to collaborate with other workers. What are effects of teamwork distinctive to individual work? How do the distinctive advantages of teamwork such as various team members, collaboration, and continuous interaction between members effect the output and each team member? Working as a team provides an unbiased execution, solves complicate works through allocating tasks and improve each individual’s capability.
First of all, collaborative work implements unbiased recommendations than if they come from individual. People tend to think through a biased process called assimilation. According to developmental psychologist Piaget, people take in new information or experiences and incorporate them into existing ideas through the cognitive process called assimilation. The process is somewhat subjective, because we tend to modify experience or information somewhat to fit in with our preexisting beliefs. However, since different people think in different ways, through team working, in which various people share ideas and decide together, biases are diminished accordingly. Recent research by Deborah Gruenfeld proposes that teams including at least two different points of view regarding a particular issue make better decisions. Deborah accounts the pressure of the minority which forces the majority to think more complexly and consider diverse evidence as the main factor. Indeed, U.S. Supreme Court teams consist of various opinions were more likely to overturn legal precedent.
Furthermore, through team working, people can manage complicate works smoothly These days, problems have been encountered due to several multiplicative factors. Through teamwork, team members can distribute roles and responsibilities that match each individual’s expert fields. For instance, in conditions of growing economic knowledge, employee expertise and specialist knowledge are increasingly important to corporate performance. Each individual does not feel the stress of carrying the workload all on one’s own. Thus more can be achieved through teamwork in a shorter timeframe and at a higher quality if the team works well together. Also in law firms, putting individual law experts together as a team is prevailing. Laws are subdivided into numerous fields including Constitution, administrative law, civil law or criminal law. Also, attorneys have a corresponding professional field. Thus, teams are usually formed to pool expertise in tackling specific cases or projects. For example, in order to cope with patent infringement, patent agents and lawyers specializing in civil cases organize a team. This is why a number of law firms place considerable emphasis on cooperative skills in recruitment. These days, spreading social media facilitates sharing work in teams. For example, by assigning each platform to a different person and sharing what they searched...

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