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Architecture and engineering are two closely connected entities that rely on each other to create masterpieces in reality. “The architect, whose task is to create an image of perfection, can only do this through the prism of a “reality” whose realm is that of engineering” (Colquhoun, 18). The architect creates the perfect image of beauty to provoke the senses and emotions by creating harmony and order through forms, shapes, and space. The engineer achieves harmony through the law of economy and mathematical calculation all accordingly to the universal laws. In the modern age according to Le Corbusier in Towards a New Architecture, engineering is at its full height, on the other hand ...view middle of the document...

The surface should develop from the accused and generated lines of the form. Modern architects tend to avoid geometrical solutions, one of the key aspects of architecture. On the other hand, engineers operate under exact, predictable and predetermined conditions to generate forms, thus creating limpid and mobile facts, (2). Architecture is the master phenomenon in artistic world as it plays with masses and light to vitalize the surfaces.
The plan is the generator of architectural products and without it, willfulness and order lack completely (Corbusier, 2). The plan is the basis and generator of the surfaces and masses. “Without plan there can be neither grandeur of aim and expression, nor rhythm, nor mass, nor coherence” (48). A plan should have a rhythm that has a state of equilibrium from either symmetry, simple or complex, or from delicate balancing (50). Within the plan, the essence of sensation is realized. Today’s world has proved so demanding that collective demands have become the key drivers for the plan requirements for houses and cities. Regulating line is another basic and inevitable element of architecture. It is not only a means but also end of architecture. The choice of lines and the modalities assigned to it form an integral part of architectural creations. However, spectator’s eyes find themselves glued to streets and houses while receiving the impact of the houses and the streets enclosing them. To perceive the highest order, the eye requires that masses be of normal...

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