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Even though Pat Tillman was an ideal citizen and soldier, always putting the other person first, he was killed by friendly fire, one of the most degrading ways of death, making him an absurd hero.
Pat Tillman was by no means an ordinary person. He exerted his whole being into everything he did both on and off the field. Growing up Tillman and his brothers were instructed by his father “to tell the truth, respect their elders, and to stand up for the vulnerable”(20) even when doing those things was difficult. For many the three orders are the hardest things to follow. Often people lie to get ahead either financially, politically, socially, not respect their elders, and keep the vulnerable as far away from them as possible, but not Tillman. Tillman wasn’t one to lie, even after he drunkenly assaulted Darin Rosas. Although Tillman did kick in Rosas’ teeth and cause a concussion, Tillman did fully respect the police officers that arrived at the scene. Tillman “apologiz[ed ] profusely” (42) after he learned of the mistaken identity. Pat Tillman put his whole being into apologizing, he didn’t just apologize and move on with his life, but rather he admitted to his guilt and served his time in prison. While in prison he took the time to reflect on what he had done and what the things were that he needed to change. Tillman didn’t just go through the motions of prison: sleep, eat, work, confinement, eat, sleep, but rather took the time to think back to what he had done and fully invest himself into become “quite an honorable person.” (46)
Tillman wasn’t the fastest or the tallest person on the football field and because of that he didn’t receive much attention from major colleges and universities. Tillman used these shortcomings to his advantage in football. Pat dedicated himself to the weight...

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