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People have short tempers which can cause a fight. However, most huge brawls consist of a build-up of small events that causes one to explode. The Boston Tea Party is one of the most important build-ups to the fight of the American Revolutionary War. Feuds between the American colonists and the British have been heating up and the Americans have officially gotten fed up. Therefore, to have a voice, they dumped tea into the Boston harbor. The Boston Tea Party is a serious protest that impacts the American Revolution.
This dreadful reaction was caused by vicious events. Since the British had gotten out of the Seven Years War, they were in serious debt. So, in hope of a solution, they decided ...view middle of the document...

The Tea Act and Tea Parties” 1).
On the sixteenth of December in 1773, history had been made. Britain was fed up with all of their repeals on every tax they enforced. So, on this day they demanded that all the tea must be taken off three ships. Well, the colonists agreed to take the tea off the ships, however they decided to form a committee of two-hundred men while doing it. These men spent all night dressing up like Indians and then they marched to the ships side by side in the middle of the night in rows of two. A man named George Hewes who had experienced the Boston Tea Party explained his personal story. He says how once he got to the harbor, the men were divided into three groups and his job was to be a Boatswain. His group demanded the keys and candles from the men on the ship. Then they were ordered to break the tea chests with their tomahawks and throw every bit of it over board. Once they did that they wanted to prove their point so much that the next morning they went back to the harbor and dunked any bit of the tea shone above the surface to make sure none could be saved and that it was drenched from head to toe (“The Boston Tea Party, 1773” 2). As anyone can see, this repulsive destruction made Britain fed up and furious. The colonists had dumped every bit of their 342 chests of precious, valuable tea into the Atlantic Ocean within three hours. The British were so angered that they wanted to punish the colonists severely (“9f. The Tea Act and Tea Parties” 2).
Many things changed once this incident had occurred. Immediately, Britain acted and closed the port of Boston. Also, there were many political changes. For instance, British governors, such as Thomas Hutchinson, had been replaced by General Thomas Gage in order for more military progression. In addition, political leader Benjamin Franklin was getting evaluated by the British and developed a bad reputation in Parliament's eyes. Next, the British chose to enforce many more acts, but the most crucial acts were the...

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