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I found myself sitting in a hospital waiting room on a sunny
afternoon. Pacing back and forth waiting for news of any sort. Nothing was entertaining my mind like what I was about to hear. As my mother walked out and told me the news tears streamed down my face. It was then I realized something I would cherish the rest of my life. We must never take our time for granted; we never know what the future holds. Time creeps up on you more than we all realize sometimes.
I remember distinctly how we came to find out my dad had cancer.
Three Thanksgivings ago he had been throwing up constantly, not a normal flu, it was violent and projectile. My dad didn’t even eat in front of family on ...view middle of the document...

My dad was laughing and caring on making fun of other people passing gas from their colonoscopy, which if you knew my dad he made things so much funnier than they were in actuality. It was nice seeing him laugh and carry on before finding out the results that would have us scared for the next six months straight. Listening to the person a curtain away from us sing was also pure entertainment. Finally the doctor came out with the results, I could tell by the look on his face they were not promising. Thoughts were streaming through my mind a million miles a second. My dad had a tumor in his throat that wasn’t allowing food to pass. My dad was then diagnosed with esophagus cancer, and it had spread to twelve out of fifteen of his lymph nodes. The day we found out my dad had cancer was one of the hardest days of my life. The car ride home I couldn’t hold my tears back, my dad made me pull over. My dad had just bought a new range rover. My dads range rover was like a new child for him, he loved that car, so with that being said my dad was he never let me drive his car, but today was an exception. My dad was a strong man, but seeing fear in my eyes was not one thing he handled well. My dad said, “Tay, everything is going be alright, I am going beat disease”.

With my dads prognosis, no one in Jacksonville would accept him as a patient. My dad’s cancer had progressed too far along for anyone in the city to
handle, everyone was negative attitude was not helping at this point. Shands in Jacksonville did not have the technology to accommodate my dads surgery, so we made an appointment at Mayo Clinic, which they also turned him away. They were treating my dad like he wasn’t a person. We finally found hope at UF & Shands in Gainesville, were we met a very optimistic surgeon to take on my dad’s cancer. Walking in that hospital there were so many nice faces, you could tell people cared. There was one specific day we went and met with about 10 doctors, hearing all the things my dad was going to have to go thru was hard to swallow. But seeing how much these doctors cared was amazing, you could see it in their eyes these doctors really cared. It was going to take chemo, radiation, and a major surgery to cure my dad but everyone at UF & Shands was willing to help. The surgery was life or death, it was a total of...

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