Tips For Proper Gun Maintenance Essay

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Proper gun maintenance is one of the most important aspects of being a good gun owner. Neglecting proper maintenance can cause a gun to become inaccurate, jam, misfire or possibly even cause clogs in the barrel which could end up in a sudden barrel explosion. In order to keep your guns in proper working order every time that you use them and to keep yourself and others safe, it's important to clean your guns after every use. Here are some tips on keeping your guns clean to ensure that they stay accurate and safe.

Safety First

Everything you've ever learned in gun safety also applies to cleaning time in addition to some other tips. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction at all times. Always treat the gun as if it were loaded. Keep ammunition out of and away from the guns while cleaning. Don't look through the end of the muzzle to check if the barrel's clean, look through the breach instead. Finally, keep your finger off the trigger at all times.

Always Clean a Gun from Breach to Muzzle

The main focus when cleaning a barrel is to push the dirt, gun powder, debris and moisture out of the gun. When you clean a barrel by pushing a brush or swab through the muzzle to the breach, you're taking all of that debris and pushing it into the breach. The dirt and grime does stick to the brush, but you can't ignore that it's also pushing dirt into the gun. What's worse is that this dirt and grime can be pushed into the mechanism causing mechanical issues or deterioration.

Remember to Oil Stored Guns

Even if you remember to properly clean your guns and don't shoot them for an extended period of time, they'll still need maintenance. Before storage, it's important to clean the guns as thoroughly as possible. Get some oil on every metal part of the gun to avoid corrosion. Do not put oil on any non-metal part of the gun. Doing so can easily cause irreparable damage to the gun. If you can still see the oil moments after you've applied it, you've used too much. Gently wipe off the excess and prepare them for storage. If your guns will be...

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